Saturday, September 30, 2023
Saturday, September 30, 2023
Saturday, September 30, 2023

Retired NYC Doorman, 65, Arrested for Fatally Shooting Mugger Armed with Pen




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A retired doorman from Queens, Charles Foehner, 65, was arrested after shooting and killing a man who attempted to mug him. The incident took place in Kew Gardens, where Cody Gonzalez approached Foehner, brandishing what appeared to be a sharp object. However, it was later revealed to be a pen. Foehner now faces a range of criminal charges, including 25 counts of weapons possession unrelated to the shooting, Your Content has learned.

Charles Foehner, a retired doorman, was taken into custody in the early hours of Wednesday after an attempted mugging turned deadly. Witnesses reported that Cody Gonzalez broke the front door of an apartment building on 82nd Avenue, causing damage to a call box in a nearby building’s foyer.

Approaching Foehner, Gonzalez demanded money and cigarettes while wielding a seemingly sharp object, which was later discovered to be a pen. As the situation escalated, Foehner drew a gun and shot Gonzalez. Foehner promptly called 911 and remained at the scene until authorities arrived. Unfortunately, Gonzalez succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

While Foehner possessed a weapons permit for a shotgun and a rifle, it did not cover the pistol used in the shooting, nor did he have a concealed carry permit. Subsequently, a search warrant was issued for Foehner’s residence, where law enforcement uncovered over two dozen unlicensed firearms.

On Thursday evening, Foehner faced 25 counts of criminal weapons possession, distinct from the shooting incident. However, Judge Marty Lentz, initially presiding over the case, recused herself due to her familiarity with its complexities. She stated that her prior knowledge might prejudice the case, impeding fairness toward the defendant.

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During questioning, Foehner admitted to intentionally shooting Gonzalez, stating, “I pulled the gun out of my pocket. It didn’t go off accidentally. I pulled the trigger. I emptied the revolver. Last night I was carrying a firearm because of the crime in the city…I’ve had it since the 1990s. I obtained it in a bar one night. The firearms are mine and mine alone.”

Gonzalez’s aunt, Iris Gonzalez, expressed her sorrow, highlighting her nephew’s mental health condition and emphasizing that he did not deserve to die in such a manner. She described him as a non-aggressive person and found his death devastating.

On the other hand, some relatives of the deceased had a different perspective. Gonzalez’s cousin, Anthony Aguilar, believed Foehner acted in self-defense, stating, “If he tried to rob him, the guy’s only defending himself. You can’t blame him for defending himself.” Another cousin, Stephan Gonzalez, shared a similar sentiment, suggesting that Cody should have been in a psychiatric facility, placing blame on the system for failing him.

Charles Foehner, a retired doorman, faces numerous criminal charges, including the fatal shooting of Cody Gonzalez, who attempted to mug him using a pen disguised as a sharp object. The case has been marked by its complexity, leading to Judge Marty Lentz recusing herself due to her prior knowledge. Foehner’s possession of unlicensed firearms discovered during a search of his residence has resulted in separate weapons charges. Family members of the deceased hold contrasting opinions on the events, with some understanding Foehner’s actions as self-defense and others lamenting the loss of their relative,‘according to New York Post.

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