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Nikki Haley Criticizes DeSantis for Disney Feud, Taxpayer Money Spent on Lawsuit




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During a recent CNN town hall, Nikki Haley didn’t shy away from criticizing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, calling him a ‘hypocrite’ for his ongoing dispute with Disney. She expressed her concerns over taxpayer money being used for the lawsuit and also took aim at other 2024 competitors, including former President Trump, Your Content has learned.

Haley, a 2024 presidential candidate and former South Carolina Governor, strongly condemned DeSantis for using taxpayer funds to support the Florida government’s legal battle with Walt Disney Co. She pointed out that despite receiving substantial political contributions from Disney and granting them significant corporate subsidies, DeSantis resorted to suing the company due to criticism received.

Referring to previous vendettas, presumably alluding to Trump’s presidency, Haley emphasized the need to avoid repeating such divisive approaches. She also accused DeSantis of hypocrisy in his dealings with Disney.

DeSantis has been vocally critical of Disney, targeting what he perceives as the company’s endorsement of a gender-ideology agenda. Despite his own personal ties to Disney, including getting married at Walt Disney World, DeSantis has pursued legal action against the company, funded by taxpayers’ money. He also stripped Disney of its board power over the Reedy Creek area, where the park and resorts are located.

Haley’s town hall remarks weren’t limited to DeSantis. She also reiterated her criticism of Trump for congratulating North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on his appointment to the World Health Organization’s executive board. She expressed her disapproval of congratulating dictators, emphasizing the need to support friends instead.

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Taking a stance against ‘wokeness’ in the 2024 Republican presidential primary, Haley highlighted South Carolina’s more conservative approach and suggested that DeSantis should have resolved the Disney dispute privately, without involving taxpayers’ money.

In summary, Haley condemned DeSantis for his ongoing feud with Disney and the utilization of taxpayer money for the lawsuit. She also criticized Trump for congratulating Kim Jong-un, while emphasizing the importance of settling disputes with companies privately, according to Vox.

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