Sunday, September 24, 2023
Sunday, September 24, 2023
Sunday, September 24, 2023

Pope Francis’ Abdominal Surgery: Procedure, Complications, and Recovery




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Pope Francis has been admitted to a hospital in Rome for abdominal surgery, which is related to a hernia that developed after a previous operation in 2021 to remove a significant portion of his large intestine, according to the Vatican, Your Content has learned.

The 86-year-old pontiff’s operation involves a laparotomy, a procedure that opens up the abdomen to access internal organs.

During the surgery, doctors plan to insert a prosthesis while the Pope is under general anesthesia.

Hernias are a known complication following previous surgeries, and they become problematic when patients experience abdominal bulging and severe pain, as in the case of Pope Francis.

Medical experts, not involved in the Pope’s care, have expressed concerns that the hernia may have caused the intestines to become “trapped,” potentially leading to serious bowel issues if left untreated. To address this, doctors have deemed surgery necessary, considering the risks involved.

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By inserting a mesh prosthesis during the operation, doctors aim to reduce the likelihood of future intestinal surgeries for the Pope. This reinforcement is intended to prevent a recurrence of the hernia.

Given Pope Francis’ medical history, including the removal of 33 centimeters of his large intestine two years ago, his age, and previous hospitalization for bronchitis, his medical team at Rome’s Gemelli hospital will closely monitor him for complications after general anesthesia.

Possible concerns include stroke, heart problems, kidney failure, and pneumonia, which are more prevalent in older patients.

However, if the Pope successfully undergoes the operation and recovers well, he is expected to be okay, as stated by Dr. Walter Longo, an expert in colon and rectal surgery.

Abdominal surgery can potentially impact lung function, as noted by Dr. Robin Phillips, an emeritus professor of colorectal surgery.

The decision to perform the surgery now is likely due to concerns that delaying it could lead to more complex issues and the need for emergency surgery, which carries higher risks.

Recovery time is estimated to be at least six weeks, with most patients being discharged from the hospital within a week after such a straightforward procedure.

The Pope’s recovery period and ability to resume normal duties will depend on his doctors’ management of pain, as well as the findings during the surgery.

It may be necessary to remove additional sections of his large intestine if damage has occurred due to restricted blood supply.

Full recovery will take time, as his bowels need to start functioning again and his body recovers from the effects of anesthesia. However, experts believe that with proper care, the Pope will be able to resume his travel schedule within a few weeks.

While a secure repair of any weakness in his abdominal wall is crucial, it should not pose a significant obstacle to the Pope’s well-being, according to Dr. P. Ravi Kiran, an expert in colorectal surgery.

Maintaining a healthy diet rich in fiber is recommended, but major lifestyle changes are not anticipated following the surgery.

Wishing Pope Francis a swift and successful recovery, Dr. Kiran expressed hopes for the Pope’s well-being, according to AP News.

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