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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Marvon McCray, Husband of Influencer Andrea McCray, Has Died




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Former United States Marine and husband of social media influencer Andrea McCray, Marvon, has died, Your Content can report.

Former United States Marine and husband of social media influencer Andrea McCray, Marvon, has died, Your Content is first to report.

“We are heartbroken to share the news of Marvon McCray’s demise in Arizona. We are here today to celebrate the life of a great man who left an indelible imprint on the lives of those he met,” reads an obituary. “The world is a darker place without Marvon here, but he will always be a source of strength and inspiration in our memories.”

According to a well-placed source close to the McCray family, Marvon died on or about May 7, 2023. They tell Your Content they’ve tried to speak with his wife, Andrea McCray, with no success.

Andrea McCray did not respond to repeated requests for comment when approached by Your Content.

Von, whose full name is Marvon McCray, served as a Marine until his retirement in 2018, reportedly due to a knee injury. For over eight years,

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Molly Golightly, a blogger who covered the story of Marvon McCray from its inception, said on social media the family was stunned to find out about the death.

“Wynette Jackson and Mr Marvon Sr called me today at about 1 o’clock saying that they had just spoken to the coroners office,” Golightly wrote on Facebook. “They said that they never heard from Andrea at all that he had passed on May 7 that Andrea had moved and that as of a week ago Miss Wynette has tried to reach Andrea and she did not respond.”

Marvon McCray and Andrea McCray have been married for several years. Andrea works as a full-time entrepreneur and social media influencer. Initially, she showcased her beauty skills through tutorials on Facebook before expanding to other social media platforms. Presently, she has 36k subscribers on TikTok and 637k fans on Facebook. In January 2022, Dre launched a YouTube channel called The McCray Tribe, where she regularly shares updates about their family and makeup techniques.

“Marvon was well-liked by his fellow Arizonans for his genuine good nature and unflappable optimism. Everyone felt comfortable with him because of his real kindness,” the obituary continues. “Marvon possessed a remarkable ability to boost the spirits of those around him, providing support and encouragement in times of both difficulty and success. Marvon enjoyed every moment of his life with an insatiable zeal that rubbed off on everyone around him.”

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Beauty influencer Andrea McCray has garnered a significant following on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. She made headlines after announcing that her family had adopted a vegan alkaline diet and started using Kava and Kratom.

However, concerns arose when Andrea’s husband, Marvon, also known as Von, began experiencing seizures. Despite having no previous history of seizures, according to his mother, Andrea claimed to treat his seizures at home using herbal remedies.

Shockingly, Von suffered eight seizures in a single night, but instead of seeking medical help, Andrea live-streamed the episodes on social media without contacting 911.

In another distressing incident, Andrea left Von and their three children unattended at home while she ran errands. During her absence, she received a phone call from their eldest child, and she simultaneously spoke to the child while live-streaming the unfolding situation.

Von was having yet another seizure, and Andrea instructed the children on how to handle it, instructing them not to let him get up, according to a source close to the family.

A week later, Andrea went live on social media, appealing to her followers to send her vegan enteral feeding tube formula. Two weeks after that, on May 23, she shared with her followers that Von had been in a coma for the past two weeks. However, she provided no clear explanation for the cause of his coma, leaving many questions unanswered.

On July 5, 2022, Von’s mother, Latisha Bias, received a police report that shed new light on the situation. She shared the report on a private Facebook group called “Exposing Dre McCray,” created by Gigi Gonzalez, who had come across a Reddit page about Marvon McCray.

The police report revealed that Von slipped into a coma not due to seizures, as previously believed, but as a result of a suicide attempt. According to the report, Von had tried to hang himself in his shed, and Andrea found him, cut him down, and called 911.

The responding officer noted in the report that there were no visible signs of bruising or abrasions. A single rope was discovered at the scene. Von’s mother expressed her distress, claiming that she only learned about her son’s coma through social media and that Andrea never informed her directly.

Andrea subsequently made her social media accounts private but continues to post, offering vague updates about her life and requesting “positive vibes,” all while refusing to disclose the true cause of her husband’s coma.

Von was later transferred to a facility in Tucson, AZ, where, according to his mother, Andrea denied access to the family.

Andrea, along with her three children and five dogs, was reportedly residing in a camper near the hospital. She has even filmed herself at her husband’s hospital bedside, focusing on her outfit and makeup looks while Von remains in the background. Furthermore, she recently announced the launch of her own herbal supplement business.

The situation has attracted attention and sparked protests outside the hospital where Von is receiving treatment, thanks to exposure and reporting by Aunt Karen. As a result, the hospital has implemented visitor restrictions, allegedly including a ban on Andrea’s presence at the facility.

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