Saturday, September 23, 2023
Saturday, September 23, 2023
Saturday, September 23, 2023

Tragic: Grandmother with Schizophrenia Stabs Grandson to Death




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In a devastating incident, a five-year-old boy named David-Mario Lazar was fatally stabbed by his grandmother, Elena Anghel, who was suffering from delusions linked to paranoid schizophrenia, Your Content has learned.

The boy’s mother, Cristina Lazar, expressed her anguish, stating that she would never have entrusted her son to her mother if any signs of illness had been apparent.

The horrific discovery was made by the police at their residence in Coventry last January.

Anghel, who admitted manslaughter due to diminished responsibility, has now been sentenced to a hospital order.

This heartbreaking case has left the family shattered.

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David-Mario Lazar was found lifeless in his home on Poplar Road in Coventry, a victim of his grandmother’s violent act.

Elena Anghel, aged 51, who had a documented history of treatment for psychotic and depressive disorders dating back to 2009 in Romania, committed the heinous act on January 25.

The court acknowledged her plea of not guilty to the charge of murder and sentenced her to an indefinite hospital order.

Describing the case as “truly tragic,” High Court judge Mrs Justice Cockerill highlighted Anghel’s severe mental illness at the time of the incident, emphasizing her loss of contact with reality.

The judge imposed the hospital order, noting that Anghel would require lifelong treatment and support.

In a victim impact statement read by the prosecutor, Cristina Lazar expressed her profound grief and disbelief over the loss of her beloved son.

She spoke of the pain that persists, with reminders of her son scattered throughout their home.

Cristina acknowledged that her mother loved David-Mario and that she never witnessed anything alarming in her behavior towards him.

However, she emphasized that she would never have entrusted her son’s care to Anghel had she noticed any signs of illness.

The court proceedings shed light on the tragic events leading to the young boy’s untimely death.

After returning home from school with his father, David-Mario greeted his grandmother, who appeared to be her usual self.

Anghel prepared soup for her grandson, seemingly following their daily routine.

However, at 3:30 pm, she unexpectedly attacked the innocent child with a kitchen knife, inflicting 29 stab wounds.

Later that day, Anghel, visibly distressed, sought help at a nearby store, where she confessed to the crime.

Police arrived at the scene and discovered the lifeless body of David-Mario.

The defense acknowledged the gravity of the situation, describing it as an utterly tragic and horrendous event for all involved.

Anghel’s defense attorney, Caroline Haughey, emphasized the unconditional love Anghel had for her grandson.

The devastated parents, Cristina and Dorinel, paid tribute to their cherished son, describing him as a beautiful, energetic, and joyful boy who brought love and happiness to their lives.

This heart-wrenching incident serves as a reminder of the devastating consequences mental illness can have on individuals and their loved ones.

The family will forever mourn the loss of their beloved David-Mario, while Elena Anghel will undergo treatment in a secure mental health facility for an undisclosed duration, as she seeks help for her mental health condition, according to DailyMail.

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