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Superintendent Resigns Over Pandemic Money Scandal




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Following a thorough examination of a county school system’s utilization of pandemic funds, the West Virginia Board of Education has unanimously accepted the retirement of Superintendent David Roach, Your Content has learned.

In the wake of this decision, the board has appointed Michele Blatt as the new state schools superintendent, marking her as the third individual to hold this position since 2020.

Blatt, who has been a part of the Department of Education since 2007, brings with her a wealth of experience as a teacher, school principal, and deputy state superintendent.

As she assumes her new role, Blatt aims to prioritize continuity and stability within the educational leadership, emphasizing the need for a collaborative approach to enhance student achievement in West Virginia.

The board’s concerns were raised during a recent meeting when it was revealed that issues in Upshur County had been withheld from their attention until late May.

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A subsequent review conducted by the Department of Education uncovered misappropriation of federal funds, including lavish spending on staff retreats and conferences.

As a result, the Upshur County school system has come under state control, with a retired superintendent, Stephen Wotring, appointed as the interim schools superintendent.

In response to these developments, the U.S. attorney for West Virginia’s northern district has initiated an investigation into the county’s use of relief funds, following a request from the state board.

This investigation aims to ensure accountability and proper utilization of the allocated resources.

The West Virginia School Board’s actions reflect their commitment to transparency, fiscal responsibility, and the best interests of the students.

With the appointment of Michele Blatt, they aspire to establish stability and provide quality education for the children of West Virginia, according to U.S. News.

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