Sunday, October 1, 2023
Sunday, October 1, 2023
Sunday, October 1, 2023

Social Worker Charged with Impersonating Foster Child in Boston High Schools




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A social worker from Boston, Shelby Hewitt, 32, has been accused of assuming the identity of a foster child and attending three local high schools for an entire academic year, Your Content has learned.

Hewitt now faces charges of fraud and forgery after school officials detected discrepancies in her documentation.

According to prosecutors, Hewitt, who held a counselor’s license until 2025, managed to enroll in English High School and two other Boston public schools between September 7 and June 14 of this year.

The motive behind Hewitt’s alleged impersonation remains undisclosed by the police.

During her time at different schools, she went by various names, such as “Daneilla” and “Ellie Alessandra Blake,” further complicating the situation.

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Court documents reveal that Hewitt used forged Department of Children and Families documents, which were discovered by police at Lowell Juvenile Court.

The initials on the documents matched the names Hewitt had used at Burke High School and English High School.

Although an arrest warrant has been requested, Hewitt has yet to be apprehended.

Authorities executed a search warrant at a residence in Jamaica Plain, where Hewitt resided with two individuals posing as her parents in the fraudulent documents.

In addition to identity fraud, Hewitt has been charged with “uttering false or forged records, deeds, or other writings,” a crime that carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison if convicted.

Hewitt’s masquerade came to light when students from Burke High School recognized her from a yearbook photo taken during her time at Sharon High School.

They noticed inconsistencies in her story, leading to suspicions about her true identity.

Initially, students believed Hewitt to be a young, intelligent classmate, but doubts arose as they discovered discrepancies in her age and personal background.

Parents and students alike are now left questioning her motives and the extent of her deception.

Using her background in social work, Hewitt exploited the system by claiming to be a foster child.

Leveraging federal laws, she bypassed the usual enrollment documentation requirements, enrolling immediately upon her arrival at the schools.

Throughout her time at Burke High School, Hewitt joined the girls’ basketball team and even selected the number 32 for her jersey.

However, when picture day arrived, she chose to stand apart from the group, claiming her foster parents forbade her from being photographed.

Former classmates, upon learning about Hewitt’s actions, expressed shock and concern regarding the motivations of a former social worker engaging in such behavior.

Parents, like Robin Williams, struggled to comprehend how an adult would choose to attend high school, taking a seat that rightfully belongs to a child.

As the investigation unfolds, the police have yet to reveal further details about Hewitt’s actions and her underlying motivations, according to DailyMail.

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