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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Traces of chicken, alcohol found in forest where Janie Santana allegedly hid son




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What's more, an apparent 'trap door' exists in Farias' backyard that leads directly to the wooded area filled with traces of booze and take-out.

Traces of alcohol and takeout food such as ‘rotisserie chickens’ were located in the wooded area surrounding Rudy Farias’ backyard where members of his family believe Janie Santana forced him to hide when they visited, Your Content has learned. What’s more, an apparent ‘trap door’ exists in Farias’ backyard that leads directly to the wooded area.

Footage posted by journalist Grizzy’s Hood News shows the alleged location Farias was forced to retreat to when family or company visited the household.

“I’m right here where Rudy used to live. I found the spot where allegedly Rudy was made to wait whenever his family would come visit.” Grizzy’s Hood News said on a Facebook Live video. “Somewhere in the news conference one of the aunts describes when she would come visit Rudy to check on her mother, the grand-mom of the family, she would be made to wait at the door.”

According to Grizzy, she found several empty bottles of ‘alcohol and liquor’ and traces of ‘take-out food’ scattered behind a ‘trap door’ in Rudy’s backyard.

“There’s like a little trap door in the back gate he would go through.” Grizzy revealed.

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“I just went through there and I found the spot. There’s a lot of alcohol. He was drowning himself out. A lot of alcohol bottles, some liquor bottles, rotisserie chicken containers, takeout food.” Grizzy continued. “He would go back there and just wait it out until the coast was clear.”

Grizzy, whose been involved in the mysterious investigation that gripped the nation from the outset, also revealed she found a bucket Rudy would likely sit on while hiding out.

“There’s a lot of stuff to support that he would probably be back there just to hide out and wait it out. There is food. There’s a bucket where he would sit.”

As Your Content exclusively reported, Janie Santana continues to play the helpless victim, whining to friends in confidence that her son Rudy Farias is a ‘twerp’ who ‘ruined’ her multiple ‘reputations’ after going public with activist Quanell X.

“Jannie went off the deep end over the weekend,” the friend told Your Content. “I’d call her mental state a crisis.”

“‘Rudy is a self-serving twerp and I’m going to seek charges against him for this mess if he doesn’t clean up his act,’” Janie reportedly told the group of friends. “‘This attack is fueled by my sister who is manipulating my son to turn him against me. She’s the one who introduced Rudy to Quanell.’”

As Your Content readers know, Janie Santana logged onto Facebook in an apparent “mental breakdown” after a New York Post story revealed the embattled mother of Rudy Farias was a serial catfisher.

“She is having a mental breakdown,” a longtime friend of Janie Santana previously told Your Content. “I’d say she’s more upset that her aliases were made public than anything else that happened this past week. She’s been logging on and off of Facebook all day over that new article published by the New York Post.”

Sources close to the investigation have disclosed to the Post that Janie Santana, the mother of the now-returned 25-year-old Rudy Farias, had been leading a secret life as an internet “catfish.”

The friend said Janie wants a “fresh start” as a result of the widely reported investigation that captivated the nation.

“She wants to get out of Houston like yesterday,” the friend previously told Your Content. “Janie blames the police for ‘vilifying’ her. She told me: ‘If anyone committed a crime—they did with their lies. All I did in this case was provide a loving home.’”

According to several news reports, Janie skipped town on Wednesday night, leaving everyone bewildered and searching for answers.

The current whereabouts of Janie Santana remain unknown. Police have declined to file charges at this time. However, the investigation is still “fluid,” police confirm.

As Your Content readers know, the Houston Police Department announced that Rudy Farias, the man who had reportedly been missing for eight years, was not actually missing during that time.

HPD authorities disclosed this information during a press conference last week, shedding new light on the mysterious case that captivated the nation overnight.

Janie Santana had reported her son missing in 2015 when he was 17. However, neighbors have refuted this claim, asserting that they had seen Farias regularly during the period he was presumed missing. The neighbors recall Farias speaking about the death of his brother in a motorcycle accident in 2011, a tragic event that his mother had mentioned to officials.

As the investigation continues, the Houston Police Department declined to comment further when approached by Your Content, citing the ongoing nature of the case.

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