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NYC Scooter Shooter Falls Asleep in Court, Claims Persecution




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The individual accused of going on a shooting spree across two boroughs in New York City while riding a scooter appeared to doze off during his initial court appearance on Monday, Your Content has learned.

Thomas Abreu, 25, who allegedly shot four people over the weekend, made several peculiar remarks, including mentioning a “chip” implanted in his head and believing that he was being pursued by unidentified individuals.

Throughout his arraignment at Queens Criminal Court, Abreu continued to make unusual statements, even dozing off at times, prompting the judge to inquire about his state of alertness.

Judge Scott Dunn asked if he was coherent enough to follow the proceedings and urged him to remain attentive.

Even during the virtual hearing, Abreu remained visibly disoriented. Speaking through a Spanish interpreter, he expressed his belief that someone wanted him dead and claimed his innocence, though he did not specify who supported his innocence.

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The judge subsequently ordered a psychiatric evaluation and remanded Abreu into custody.

According to law enforcement officials, Abreu embarked on a shooting spree, firing at four individuals within a span of approximately 12 minutes as he rode through Brooklyn and Queens on Saturday morning.

One of the victims succumbed to their injuries that day, while another remained in critical condition on Monday.

Abreu’s employer of five years, Jose Rodriguez, revealed that the accused had frequently made bizarre statements in the past, expressing concerns about being pursued by people. Rodriguez recalled an instance where Abreu claimed that Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, knew what Rodriguez would say before he said it.

Abreu also made allegations about his boss inserting a chip into his head, along with the heads of other employees.

Describing Abreu as “extremely emotionally disturbed,” police sources corroborated Rodriguez’s observations. However, Rodriguez also emphasized that Abreu had never displayed violent behavior and had been punctual and reliable.

During Monday’s court hearing, Queens Assistant District Attorney Jonathan Selkowe shared additional peculiar statements allegedly made by Abreu following his arrest.

Abreu claimed that various groups, including the Russians, the Chinese, and the Italians, were after him. He also suggested that the police officers were wearing earpieces and recounted finding a gun in a bag after being attacked previously.

Selkowe revealed that three of the survivors of Abreu’s shooting spree required surgery to save their lives. Additionally, another individual narrowly escaped being hit by a bullet.

Abreu’s attorney, Jonathan Latimer, did not request bail during the hearing, explaining that he had only spent a short time with his client at the hospital, where Abreu mentioned receiving medication or injections.

Abreu’s next court hearing is scheduled for Thursday. Meanwhile, neighbors in Brooklyn described him as a known troublemaker who would recklessly ride bikes and scooters with a group in the neighborhood.

Authorities have charged Abreu with murder, attempted murder, and gun-related offenses for the shooting spree that tragically claimed the life of 86-year-old Homod Ali Saeidi, a father of six. Saeidi was on his way to a local mosque when Abreu allegedly approached him on his scooter, pulled out a handgun, and shot him in the back.

The heart-wrenching incident has devastated Saeidi’s family, with his son, Ahmed Alsaedi, expressing profound sorrow and disbelief over the senseless act of violence inflicted upon his elderly father, according to New York Post.

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