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Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Rudy Farias describes heartbreaking life with abusive mom Janie Santana




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Rudy Farias has emerged from an alleged eight-year captivity, escaping the clutches of his mother, Janie Santana, amidst claims of abuse.

Rudy Farias has emerged from an alleged eight-year captivity, escaping the clutches of his mother, Janie Santana, amidst claims of abuse, Your Content has learned.

Previously reported missing in 2015, Farias has now shared his harrowing ordeal, breaking his silence on the mystery that riveted the nation.

Speaking exclusively to local journalist Grizzy’s Hood News, Rudy Farias revealed the unimaginable experiences he endured during his prolonged absence, shedding light on the dark reality that remained hidden from the public eye.

Farias expresses his simple desire for escape and the pursuit of happiness and love, emphasizing his indifference towards material possessions.

“I just been walking. I just wanted to get away. I didn’t care if I had a car or money or anything. I don’t care about money.” Farias exclusively told Grizzy. “I don’t care about a car. I don’t care about anything. Just happiness and love.”

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Farias reflects on his aimless wandering, driven by a relentless search for a sense of familiarity and belonging, which he could only find in a specific side of town.

“I just kept walking around. I just kept trying to find back home, you know, something that felt familiar and the only thing that felt familiar was this side of town.” Farias said.

When asked about his relationship with his mother, Janie, Farias firmly states he wants to have no contact with her, emphasizing his plea for her to leave him alone and allow him to live his life happily.

“No, I don’t want any contact with her, but she keeps trying to come around.” Farias humbly reiterated. “Just leave me alone. Just let me live my life. Just wanna be happy and I’m happy now.”

Farias reveals the profound impact of his mother’s manipulative captivity, lamenting the detrimental effect it had on his social life, causing him to feel like a victim.

“I wasn’t able to understand like how people thought or acted, you know?” Farias said. “Like I would try to introduce myself, say hello to people online or this and that and every time it just completely get shot down by people.”

He describes the struggles he faced in understanding how people think and interact, recounting instances where his attempts to make friends or engage in socializing were met with rejection, leaving him feeling like he was speaking a different language and unable to comprehend the dynamics of human interaction.

“I’m just trying to make friends or socialize and it’s just like, I don’t understand how to talk to people sometimes,“ Farias continued.

”It feels like I’m speaking a completely different language than them and I just don’t understand sometimes.”

25-year-old Rudy Farias clearly states that he doesn’t want his manipulative mother to visit him because of her negative behavior and her ability to affect everyone around him.

“I just don’t want her here because I know the way she acts, it influences everybody around me.” Farias said. “It’s not just me. It’s like she sends that negativity towards me and then I send it back out towards everybody else and I don’t want that.”

On Jun. 29, the 25-year-old was found outside a church, bearing visible signs of physical trauma such as cuts and bruises. Rudy’s tell-all challenges his mother’s initial report of him going missing at the age of 17.

A source close to the unfolding situation told Your Content that Janie was caught off guard with the bombshell interview and believes local journalist Grizzy Hood News has it in for her.

“‘I didn’t know Rudy was going to speak with Grizzy.’” Janie told her friends in a text message following the news. “It’s not gonna be admissible because Grizzly has it in for me. She’s got in for me. So she’s gonna get him to say whatever she wants him to say.’”

As Your Content exclusively reported, Janie Santana has expressed her intention to reunite with her son, Rudy Farias, once the media frenzy surrounding the investigation calms down. What’s more, the embattled mother claims to have ‘rescued’ Rudy on Jun. 29.

“‘I rushed him straight to the hospital,’” Janie Santana conveyed in a text message to her friends. “‘It was me who rescued him. Me!’”

Rudy Farias, now 25 years old, was discovered outside a church on Jun. 29, bearing cuts and bruises. His mother had reported him missing at the age of 17 when he failed to return home after supposedly going for a walk with his dogs. However, neighbors have refuted this claim, asserting that they had seen Farias regularly during the period he was presumed missing.

Based on the texts reviewed by Your Content, Rudy is currently residing in the Jersey Village area of Houston, approximately 30 minutes away from his mother’s house. 

According to separate communications between Santana and a co-worker, the mortified mom issued a warning to the friend who is currently housing Rudy, threatening to expose secrets if they were to betray her trust.

“‘I told her: ‘Girl, I got shit on you.’’” Santana said. “‘I reminded her over and over again that ‘I have a lot of shit on you—don’t start fucking me over.’ I want her to remember that I hold a lot of leverage—she better not betray me.’”

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