Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Colorado Dentist Searched How to Stage Murder as Heart Attack




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James Craig, a 45-year-old dentist from Colorado, is facing accusations of poisoning his wife by adding toxins to her protein shakes, with the motive of pursuing a relationship with another dentist, Your Content has learned.

During court proceedings, it was revealed that James Craig, a dentist from the United States, had searched the internet for information on “how to make murder look like a heart attack” in the weeks leading up to his wife’s death. Additionally, he allegedly looked into whether arsenic could be detected during an autopsy.

Detective Bobbi Olson testified in court that these searches took place in February, using a computer located in Craig’s dental practice in Aurora, a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Around the same time, Angela Craig, the defendant’s wife, had been making frequent visits to hospitals, experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, vomiting, and confusion, which had baffled doctors. Tragically, Angela Craig passed away in March after being taken off life support during her third hospital visit.

Subsequent blood tests revealed that Mrs. Craig had been poisoned with cyanide and tetrahydrozoline, a substance commonly found in eye drops. Investigators suspect that James Craig had been lacing his wife’s pre-workout protein shakes with poison, allegedly with the intention of pursuing a romantic relationship with another dentist, Karin Cain, who had flown in from Texas to meet him.

Ms. Cain, who had been in the process of divorcing her husband of nearly 30 years when she met Craig, denied willingly having a relationship with a married man. She stated that if she had known the truth, she would not have been involved with him and denied being a motive for the alleged murder.

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As of now, James Craig has not entered a plea in the case. His lawyer declined to comment on the matter before a hearing to determine if he will stand trial for first-degree murder. The investigation into Craig began after his colleague and friend, Ryan Redfearn, informed a nurse that Craig had ordered potassium cyanide, despite it not being necessary for their work.

Detectives suspect that Craig initially attempted to poison his wife with arsenic in one of the protein shakes. When she survived, he then rushed to order cyanide, claiming it was needed for a surgical procedure. The discovery of a package containing the cyanide, which he had instructed an office manager not to open, led to the involvement of the authorities. It is alleged that Craig also ordered a third poisonous substance, Oleandrin, which was intercepted by authorities during their investigation.

According to court documents, Craig informed Redfearn that he had ordered potassium cyanide for his wife, and he told a social worker that his wife had been suicidal and depressed following his request for a divorce in December. However, none of their children had reported any suicide attempts.

The investigation has also revealed that Craig was facing financial difficulties and had been experiencing marital problems, including the possibility of bankruptcy, according to SkyNews.

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