Saturday, September 30, 2023
Saturday, September 30, 2023
Saturday, September 30, 2023

Janie Santana calls police on Grizzy Hood News, claims ‘black man’ hit her




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Janie Santana traveled to the Houston Police Department last week to file an apparent complaint against haters, police report reveals.

Janie Santana traveled to the Houston Police Department last week to file an apparent police report against Grizzy Hood News for harassment and added that an unknown black man allegedly hit the embattled mom in the head, according to a police report exclusively obtained by Your Content.

Video footage exclusively obtained by Your Content revealed Santana’s visit to the Houston Police Department last week, where she filed the report. The video captures her interacting with officers at the police station located at 8300 Mykawa Road.

“Complainant stated that she was at home when she was hit in the head by unknown black male,” reads the police report filed on July 9. “Complainant stated that she is being followed and harassed by suspect 2 Grizzy Hood News.”

The Houston Police Department’s Missing Persons & Homicide Squad was responsible for handling the report, as stated in the report itself. Additionally, Janie asserts that the damages she suffered fall within the range of $750 to $2,499.

Janie Santana calls police on Grizzy Hood News, claims 'black man' hit her

As Your Content readers know, Rudy Farias has emerged from an alleged eight-year hideaway, escaping the clutches of his mother, Janie Santana, amidst claims of abuse.

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Speaking exclusively to local journalist Grizzy’s Hood News, Rudy Farias revealed the unimaginable experiences he endured during his prolonged absence, shedding light on the dark reality that remained hidden from the public eye.

In a series of text messages obtained and verified by Your Content, Santana expressed her determination to fight back against the alleged harassment.

“‘I’m fighting this shit all the way, I ain’t running from nobody,'” Janie Santana told friends in a series of text messages verified by Your Content. “‘I didn’t do shit. I have nothing to hide. I’m fighting this.'”

Before publishing this article, Your Content independently verified the authenticity of the communications and confirmed Santana’s identity as the sender.

“‘If I were guilty I wouldn’t be going to this extreme,'” Janie continued. “‘I’m coming for Grizzy—for harassing and stalking me—she’s another one. I’m coming for all them motherfuckers.'”

Janie Santana Reportedly Goes to Houston Police to ‘File Report’
Photo: Kui Kolombias for Your Content

As Your Content exclusively reported, Janie Santana has expressed her intention to reunite with her son, Rudy Farias, once the media frenzy surrounding the investigation calms down. What’s more, the embattled mother claims to have ‘rescued’ Rudy on Jun. 29.

“‘I rushed him straight to the hospital,'” Janie Santana conveyed in a text message to her friends. “‘It was me who rescued him. Me!'”

Rudy Farias, now 25 years old, was discovered outside a church on Jun. 29, bearing cuts and bruises. His mother had reported him missing at the age of 17 when he failed to return home after supposedly going for a walk with his dogs. However, neighbors have refuted this claim, asserting that they had seen Farias regularly during the period he was presumed missing.

Based on the texts reviewed by Your Content, Rudy is currently residing in the Jersey Village area of Houston, approximately 30 minutes away from his mother’s house.

According to separate communications between Santana and a co-worker, the mortified mom issued a warning to the friend who is currently housing Rudy, threatening to expose secrets if they were to betray her trust.

“‘I told her: ‘Girl, I got shit on you.’’” Santana said. “‘I reminded her over and over again that ‘I have a lot of shit on you—don’t start fucking me over.’ I want her to remember that I hold a lot of leverage—she better not betray me.’”

On July 5, Farias was observed leaving a Houston hotel, covering his face with a blanket, in the company of counselor Quanell X. Acting as a mediator between the family and the police, Quanell shared details of his conversation with Farias. It was during this discussion, separate from his mother, that Farias contradicted her narrative. He alleged years of sexual abuse and coercion by his mother, although explicit details were not disclosed.

“The things he told me, I broke down in tears,” Quanell X said, according to KHOU. “She was giving him drugs. She was punishing him by locking him in a room over and over. She convinced him that law enforcement wanted to put him in jail, that law enforcement was looking for him because he ran away and that because he ran away, he was going to go to prison.”

Contrary to the allegations, the Houston Police Department refuted the sexual assault claims during a subsequent press conference, citing Farias’ statement to the authorities, which did not mention any reports of sexual abuse.

“[Janie] continued to deceive police by remaining adamant that Rudy was still missing,” Houston Police Lt. Detective Christopher Zamora Christopher Zamora said at the conference.

“Rudy was not missing during the eight-year period,” Zamora added, Time reported. “Farias and his mother had spoken to officers multiple times during the past eight years, but had given authorities false information, including fake names and dates of birth,” Zamora concluded.

Quanell seized the spotlight once again, holding a subsequent press conference with fiery allegations against the Houston Police Department. The activist leveled charges of falsehoods, alleging the police conveyed lies about what was truly said at the interview.

“I want to clarify the lie HPD told. That detective is an absolute liar. They sat there with me for an hour and fifteen minutes and listened to every word Rudy told to me.” Quanell said in response to Detective Christopher Zamora’s claim. “This detective heard everything Rudy said to me but he was angry at me also because of me asking them to come in. She forced that man to play ‘daddy.’ She forced that man to be her husband. He said that to me in front of the detective.”

Upon being found, Farias was in such a severely beaten state that he was rendered “non-verbal,” according to his mother. He has since been receiving medical care in a hospital to aid in his recovery.

However, just days after the heartwarming story of his miraculous return made national headlines, residents living near Farias’ mother have raised doubts about the reported disappearance.

Kisha Ross, a neighbor who knew Farias as ‘Dolph,’ expressed disbelief, stating, “That boy has never been missing. He used to come in my garage, chill with my cousin, son, and daughter,” Ross told ABC 7.

As the investigation continues, the Houston Police Department declined to comment further when approached by Your Content, citing the ongoing nature of the case.

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