Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Desperate Search for Missing Alabama Woman Carlee Russell after Toddler Incident




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Authorities are conducting an urgent search for 25-year-old Carlethia “Carlee” Nichole Russell, who disappeared after stopping to assist a toddler on a highway in Alabama, Your Content has learned.

On Thursday around 9:30 PM, Russell called the police while on her way home from work, reporting a child alone on I-459 in Hoover. She also contacted her sister-in-law, who overheard Russell checking if the child was okay. However, the conversation abruptly ended with a scream followed by background noise from the interstate.

Upon arrival at the scene, law enforcement discovered Russell’s vehicle and personal belongings, but there was no sign of her or the toddler. Concerned for Russell’s safety, her family believes that the child may have been used as bait to lure her away from her car. They have pledged to tirelessly search until they locate the missing woman.

Carlee Russell is described as a 25-year-old Black female, standing at 5’4″ and weighing between 150-160 pounds. She was last seen wearing a black shirt, black pants, and white Nike shoes. Detectives have initiated an investigation into her disappearance, and a $25,000 reward is being offered for any information related to the case.

According to Carlee Russell’s mother, Talitha Russell, the last communication she had with her daughter was around 9:18 PM on Thursday. Carlee had just picked up food from Taziki’s and was on her way home. Despite the challenging circumstances, the family remains hopeful and relies on their faith that Carlee will be safely reunited with them.

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To aid in the search efforts, a Facebook group called “Find Carlee Russell” has been established, amassing over 4,000 members. The group serves as a platform for individuals to offer prayers and support for Carlee’s safe return.

During a press conference, Lieutenant Daniel Lowe provided an update on the investigation, emphasizing that every possibility is being explored, and no leads are being disregarded. The Hoover Police Department and its partner agencies are dedicated to unraveling the circumstances surrounding Carlee Russell’s disappearance.

Carlee’s parents, Talitha and Carlos Russell, joined family and friends in searching the area where she was last seen on Friday. Hoover officials are actively assisting in the search operation, assigning tips to a designated investigator. The search will resume the following day, beginning at 8 AM at the Hoover Met, as residents unite their efforts to locate Carlee.

In the initial police response, officers discovered Russell’s abandoned vehicle, containing her belongings, including a wig. There have been no reports or sightings of a wandering child in the area.

Carlee Russell, employed at the Woodhouse Day Spa in the Summit, was merely minutes away from her home when she noticed a toddler alone on the side of I-459 South near mile marker 11. Concerned for the child’s welfare, she pulled over and promptly notified the authorities, according to The SUN.

If you have any details or believe you have spotted Russell, please contact Detective Brad Fountain at 205-444-7562.

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