Sunday, October 1, 2023
Sunday, October 1, 2023
Sunday, October 1, 2023

Hoover Police Provide Update on Missing Person Carlee Russell’s Safe Return

The Hoover Police Department has released additional information regarding the safe return of Carlee Russell, who had been reported missing, Your Content has learned.

After an extensive search effort, Carlee was found and reunited with her family on July 15th at around 10:44 PM. The police department has been working diligently to gather facts about the case, although the investigation is still ongoing, a statement from police reads.

According to the Hoover Police Department, Carlee left her workplace at The Summit in Birmingham around 8:20 PM. She then proceeded to order food from a nearby establishment at The Colonnade before leaving. Authorities have been reconstructing Carlee’s actions from the moment she left The Colonnade until she made the 911 call. However, they have been unable to locate anyone who was with Carlee during that time.

During her journey, Carlee maintained communication with individuals known to her through her cell phone until she contacted 911 at 9:34 PM. She informed the 911 operator and a relative that she had seen a male toddler in a diaper on the side of I-459 and intended to check on the child. The police are currently analyzing traffic camera footage and the 911 call to establish an accurate timeline. It is important to note that Carlee’s 911 call is the only report of a child on the interstate during that period.

Upon receiving the 911 call, Hoover Police officers quickly arrived at the scene, with additional officers joining the search shortly thereafter. They discovered Carlee’s wig, cell phone, and purse near her vehicle on the roadway. Carlee’s Apple Watch was found inside her purse. The Crimes Against Persons Unit initiated an immediate and thorough investigation, following various leads. Numerous local, state, and federal agencies provided assistance and resources throughout the weekend.

At 10:44 PM on July 15th, the Hoover 911 center received a call from Carlee’s residence reporting that she had returned home on foot. Hoover Police and Fire responded to the residence and located Carlee. As a precautionary measure, she was transported to UAB Hospital by the Hoover Fire Department for evaluation. Carlee was treated and released. Detectives obtained an initial statement from Carlee at the residence and UAB Hospital. However, the details of her statement remain part of the ongoing investigation, which is expected to continue for the next few days.

The Hoover Police Department requested that the privacy of the Russell family be respected as they recover from the ordeal. The department has shared all available information at this time and will continue to provide factual and pertinent updates to the public as the investigation progresses.

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