Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023
Friday, September 29, 2023

Hoover Police in Alabama Say Carlee Russell Wasn’t Abducted, Hints at Hoax




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Police in Alabama hosted a news conference as rumors claim the mysterious investigation into Carlee Russell was a 'hoax.'

The Hoover Police Department in Alabama hosted a news conference surrounding the mysterious investigation into Carlee Russell’s claim that she was abducted, revealing Carlee Googled several alarming terms relating to faking a disappearance were located on her device, Your Content is first to report.

What’s more, police said Carlee claimed to be following the child in her vehicle while she was on the phone with 911, and records reveal the distance was 600 yards, equivalent to the ‘length of six football fields.’

“On Jul. 11, the term ‘do you have to pay for an Amber Alert’ was searched. The term ‘how to take money from a register without being caught’ was searched.” Hoover Police Department’s Chief of Police Nick Derzis said. “The term ‘Birmingham bus station’ was searched. The term ‘for a one-way bus ticket from Birmingham to Nashville’ was searched. The term ‘for the movie Taken’ was conducted.”

“Six days ago our community learned about the disappearance of Carlee and it sent fear through our city, the state and the nation. The media quickly joined us to get the word out about Carlee. Our community spun into action and organized search parties” Mayor Frank V. Brocato of Hoover Alabama said. “The Hoover Police Department quickly rallied multiple partner agencies stopping at nothing to find Carlee.”

“The Hoover Police Department is known for being very thorough with their investigations. For that reason we did not feel comfortable speaking in detail publicly until now. It is important that we share this information now so our community can be put at ease.” Mayor Brocato concluded.

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As Your Content previously reported, authorities found startling twists to the Carlee Russell abduction case, revealing to Your Content that they are investigating the possibility of the alleged kidnapping being a meticulously staged publicity stunt.

Chief Derzis added: “Our focus was the safe return of Carlee Russell. That occurred approximately 49 hours after she called 911 and disappeared. Our focus has been to determine Carlee’s whereabouts. This investigation is not over. We will work this case until we can account for the 49 hours Carlee was missing.”

“We owe it to our citizens to tell them the facts that we uncovered. On Jul. 13, at approximately 8:20 p.m., Carlee left work. Surveillance video shows Carlee concealed a dark color bathrobe and ordered food,” the police chief said. “Carlee communicated on her cellphone on her path of travel to the point of calling 911.”

“Carlee called a relative after speaking with the 911 operator. She went missing during that conversation. Traffic camera footage was obtained and was analyzed in conjunction to the investigation.

“Data from Carlee’s home shows that she traveled approximately 600 yards in her vehicle while she was on the phone with 911 stating that she was following a child. That is six football fields straight. The Hoover 911 Center received a second call stating that a relative was on the phone with her and they heard her scream. Hoover Police arrived within five minutes and located Carlee’s wig and cellphone near the vehicle.”

Data from Carlee’s home shows that she traveled approximately 600 yards in her vehicle while she was on the phone with 911 stating that she was following a child. That is six football fields straight.

Hoover Police Department Chief of Police Nick Derzis

The items taken from the place of her employment and the items she purchased from Target were not located at the scene.

“All the searches turned up empty.” Chief Derzis added. “Surveillance showed Carlee walking home. During the statement she told detectives while traveling down the interstate she saw a baby walking down the road and called 911.”

Police were unable to verify any information provided by Carlee to investigators and she is not cooperating with police, according to law enforcement.

This is a developing breaking news story. It will be updated momentarily.

As Your Content previously reported, Carlee Russell called the police while on her way home from work, reporting a child alone on I-459 in Hoover. She also contacted her sister-in-law, who overheard Russell checking if the child was okay. However, the conversation abruptly ended with a scream followed by background noise from the interstate.

“We understand that there are numerous rumors and misinformation making the rounds in both social media and traditional media.” Captain Keith Czeskleba said in a press release issued overnight. “While we understand the public interest in this incident, we must maintain the integrity of the case, thus we are limited in what information or statements we can release or confirm at this time.”

In the ongoing investigation surrounding the mysterious case of Carlee’s supposed abduction, the Hoover Police Department in Alabama shared a few insights overnight while simultaneously working to preserve the integrity of the case.

Between Carlee’s emergency 911 call on Thursday night and her return home on foot on Saturday night, a sequence of events unfolded which police are painstakingly piecing together. Although full details remain undisclosed, a few key facts have been revealed.

On her departure from The Colonnade, Carlee was seen making a purchase at a Target located on Highway 280, where she bought a variety of snack food items. Mysteriously, these items were not found either in her car or alongside her cell phone and wig at the location of her disappearance.

Despite circulating rumors, the police have found no evidence of a toddler walking down the interstate and they received no additional calls concerning this. Surveillance footage acquired from Carlee’s neighborhood shows her walking alone on a sidewalk before she reached her residence.

Upon arrival at her residence, first responders found her in a responsive and speaking state, contrary to an “unresponsive but breathing” report made by a 911 caller. She was subsequently treated and discharged from a local hospital.

Several pieces of evidence are currently under scrutiny, the results of which are expected to shed light not only on the 49-hour period when Carlee was missing, but also the events leading up to her disappearance.

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