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Social Worker’s Firework Alert Amidst Oklahoma Murder-Suicide




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In a grim turn of events, a social worker used fireworks in an attempt to alert neighbors and law enforcement of a murder-suicide unfolding inside a Verdigris, Oklahoma home, Your Content has learned.

The social worker, whose identity remains confidential, had arrived at Brandy McCaslin’s residence Thursday evening to collect McCaslin’s 11-year-old daughter, Noa. However, McCaslin forcibly detained her in the garage at gunpoint.

McCaslin then reportedly murdered Noa and her two sons, six-year-old Bryce and 10-month-old Billy, before ending her own life.

Residents nearby reported fireworks erupting from the home, later confirmed as the social worker’s desperate attempt to signal for help. She ignited the fireworks through a window in the garage after McCaslin had confiscated her phone.

Local law enforcement responded to the unusual activity and found McCaslin barricaded within her home, armed. When they were able to enter the house after several hours, they discovered the horrific scene.

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Billy Jacobson Sr., the father of the youngest child, Billy, claimed McCaslin had asked for an additional hour with their son and suggested that this tragedy was premeditated. He cited a failing legal system that allowed McCaslin unsupervised visitations despite a history of mental health problems and threats to abscond with Billy.

A fundraising campaign is underway to cover funeral costs for the children and offer financial support to the family.

In the weeks leading up to the incident, McCaslin was released from Department of Human Services (DHS) supervision while caring for Bryce and claimed to the court that she had completed her counseling following a previous suicide attempt. Despite the fathers’ objections, she was allowed unsupervised visitations with the children.

Billy Sr. is calling for systemic change to prevent similar incidents from happening to other families.

A memorial has been established near the property, honoring the lives of the three children, described by neighbors as “happy and normal kids.”

The investigation is ongoing, led by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in collaboration with the Verdigris Police Department, according to DailyMail.

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