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Seeking Northern Jersey and NY Victims of the Stefan Brothers’ Memorial Scams

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NEW YORK & NORTHERN NEW JERSEY—The Stefan crime family’s memorial scam operation, which has been under the microscope of Your Content for the past four years, is now believed to be expanding its reach into the New York City area. Originating in Pennsylvania and then spreading through New Jersey, the latest intelligence suggests a further infiltration into the NYC vicinity.

Comprising Gregory “Greg” J. Stefan, Sr., his son Gregory “Greg” J. Stefan, Jr., the latter’s wife Suzanne “Sue” Stefan, and Gerard “Jerry” Stefan, the family, ominously dubbed the “Stefan crime family,” has left a trail of allegations of scams and exploitation in the memorial and headstone industry.

If you believe you have been affected or have pertinent details, please contact AtNight Media immediately. Reach out any time at our national news center by calling 833-336-8013 or emailing [email protected].

Recent findings indicate the family’s operations have extended into Morris County, New Jersey, a mere 40 minutes from New York. Residents across Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Union, and Warren Counties are urged to remain vigilant. Those suspecting involvement in the Stefan family’s scam should promptly contact local law enforcement and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office Division of Consumer Affairs.

Under the facade of numerous memorial companies, the Stefan family has allegedly trapped countless mourning families in their deceitful web. They’ve promised enduring memorials for the departed, but once payments are made, these promises vanish. Amidst this, the family continues to revel in their lavish lifestyle in Gladwyne, an affluent suburb.

Your Content’s Aug. 15 investigation unveiled the family’s shrewd tactics. After encountering a business prohibition in Pennsylvania, they cleverly sidestepped these constraints, expanding their operations into New Jersey through various shell companies. In the wake of a hefty court-ordered payment in Pennsylvania, Suzanne Stefan has become the new face of this dubious operation.

Following our Aug. 10 advisory, we were informed of Barbara L. Kalmus’s victimization in Washington Township, New Jersey. Highlighted in our Aug. 15 report, her story is one of many. Since then, an increasing number of victims from Morris County and surrounding areas have shared their harrowing experiences with us.

With over 600 complaints to the Pennsylvania Attorney General, 170+ to Action News, 103 to Your Content, and around 300 from platforms like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, and Google, coupled with numerous civil suits, it’s estimated that the total number of victims is well over a thousand.

A spokesperson from the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office Division of Consumer Affairs confirmed their ongoing investigation into the Stefan family’s activities in the state.

“The Division of Consumer Affairs has 23 consumer complaints on file against Colonial Memorials. The complaints were received from July 2022 through August 8, 2023.”

These grievances primarily revolve around breach of contract, undelivered goods or services, misrepresentation, and subpar customer service. While 11 of these complaints have been resolved, 12 remain open.

A spokesperson for the New Jersey State Police emphasized the importance of reporting incidents to local authorities first. If a crime occurs in an area where state authorities are the primary law enforcement, the immediate step should be to approach the specific New Jersey State Police station.

“The initial point of contact should be the local police department. However, if the crime transpired in a town where the New Jersey State Police is the primary law enforcement agency, then the first point of contact should be that specific NJSP station.”

The Stefan family’s dubious reputation in the memorial business is well-established. Residents across the tristate area should be wary of several business aliases linked to the Stefans, including Colonial Memorials, Stefan Memorial Group, and others. There’s also a potential link to ‘Phoenix Memorials, Inc.’, discreetly registered by Suzanne Stefan in early 2021.

By disseminating this information, Your Content hopes to safeguard potential victims and fortify efforts to hold the Stefan brothers accountable. We encourage readers to share this investigation widely to protect and inform communities across the tri-state region.

If you believe you have been affected or have pertinent details, please contact AtNight Media immediately. Reach out any time at our national news center by calling 833-336-8013 or emailing [email protected].

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