Thursday, January 21, 2021
Thursday, January 21, 2021

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Jonathan Riches and Nik Hatziefstathiou

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Lil Wayne Pardoned by President Donald Trump

Lik Wayne was pardoned two months after Your Content readers knew President Trump intended to undo a wrong.

‘Jayden X’ gave FBI video he filmed, now jailed for inciting chaos at Capitol and plotting to STAB cops

In yet another shameless bid to cheat justice, self-admitted radical John Sullivan bamboozled Fox News and more mainstream media outlets.

FBI pays visit to rapper Bryson Gray for being a Republican: ‘They want us locked up’

Rapper Bryson Gray is outraged after agents from the FBI visited him at home for being a Republican.

Kylie Jenner and Neighbors Told to ‘Exercise Caution and Great Care’ Nearby Alleged Killer Rebecca Grossman

Hidden Hills newcomers are urged to exercise ‘caution and great care’ when Rebecca Grossman whizzes by.

Tesla Employees Turned to Cops During Elon Musk’s COVID Twitter Meltdown: ‘He’s a Sociopath’

Staff say 'Elon said he was close to the Russians and the Russians would invade Alameda County and it would be the end of mankind.'


President Biden dubbed ‘disaster’ before first night sleep, lowest attendance in inaugural HISTORY

President Joe Biden’s first day has been an utter disaster—and he hasn’t even had a good nights sleep.

Twitter sets up new White House account for President Biden as staff struggle to finalize residence

Twitter didn’t waste a second after President Joe Biden took the oath of office—declaring ‘there’s a new White House.'
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Lady who stole Pelosi’s ‘top secret’ laptop arrested in Pennsylvania, planned to ‘sell to Russia’

The lady told a ‘romantic partner’ that she planned to sell Pelosi’s posh laptop to Russian intelligence.

Pennsylvania Man Arrested by FBI for Chaos at the Capitol

Another Pennsylvania man has been arrested for taking part in the Capitol riots on Jan. 6.
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