Thursday, July 16, 2020
Thursday, July 16, 2020

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Atlanta Cop Who Shot Rayshard Brooks to Stand Trial, Charged with Wendy’s Shooting Death: DA

Charges were announced against former police officer who fatally shot a black man and another officer who was at the scene in Atlanta last week.

Two Orlando Airport Employees Test Positive for COVID, 260 Total Airport Staffers Infected: Gov.

Gov. Ron DeSantis said two additional workers at the Orlando International Airport have tested positive for the coronavirus, bringing airport tally to 260.

Penn-Delco Board of School Directors President Claims COVID Won’t Kill You, Says Cop Beatings Are a Result of Bad Behavior

In a scene straight out of a Hollywood reality TV show, members of the Penn-Delco Board of School Directors are at the center of an online firestorm.

Delco: Criminals Wreak Havoc in Suburban Philly, National Guard and Police Catch Several: Live Updates

Police continue chasing potential rioters away from the county, arresting those who bypass security and to commit crimes.

AG Shapiro Says Sexual Misconduct Must Stop Being Prosecuted by Classrooms, Vows to Chase Offenders

ATTORNEY General Josh Shapiro today stepped up to defend survivors, schools, and universities from new Title IX regulations published by the Trump...

Latin Kings Join Chicago PD to Protect Streets During Riots, Looters FLEE After Gang Shoots 3

Exclusive video shows the gang asking rioters to leave. Some ran, the rest were shot due to trespassing, the Latin Kings told Your Content.

CNN Met by Thousands of George Floyd Rioters, Car Lit on Fire as They Conquer the CNN Signage

CNN is under attack for the second time today — George Lloyd rioters have journeyed to the studio to make their presence very much known.

White House Under Siege: Lockdown Reported over George Floyd Rioters

THE White House is on lockdown as protesting is occurring nearby, according to reports. As protesters...


Mary Trump Reveals Her ‘Tell All’ Book Consists of ‘Overstatements’ with ‘No Evidence’ to Back

The self-described author has 'no direct evidence' to back explosive claims made in her book which consists of 'overstatements' from sources.

United States Tops Daily COVID-19 Record, Nearly 70,000 New Cases Overnight: John Hopkins

The U.S. on Wednesday reported a record 67,632 new cases of coronavirus, pushing the total number of cases to 3,431,574.
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Former President Obama HACKED by Billionaire Bitcoin Bandits

FORMER PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA has been added to the list of influential people hacked by bitcoin bandits targeting billionaires, Your Content has exclusively learned. “I am giving back to my community due to COVID-19,” the bitcoin bandit wrote...

Girl, 20, Sexually Assaulted and Killed by ‘Friend’ as They Walked Home from a Concert

A 'trusted' friend-turned-serial-rapist stands accused of raping and murdering barmaid Keeley Bunker as they walked home from a rap concert forced another girl to perform oral sex on her 16th birthday, Your Content has learned. WHAT’S MORE, the serial...
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