Thursday, September 22, 2022
Thursday, September 22, 2022


    Unusually large TORNADO rips through Pennsylvania suburbs, Bucks County on high alert

    An unusually large tornado was observed in Pennsylvania on Thursday.

    All public pools in Atlanta closed until further notice for unknown reason by city officials

    The City of Atlanta has announced that all public pools are closed until further notice.

    Chairman of Trump 2017 inaugural fund, Thomas Barrack, arrested on federal charge

    Thomas Barrack, who served as chairman of the 2017 inaugural fund for then-President Donald Trump, has been arrested on federal charges, Your Content has...

    Manhunt underway in Daytona Beach for man suspected of gunning down Florida cop

    Police in Florida are scouring Daytona Beach after a man allegedly gunned down a police officer.

    Cyber Terrorism? Hong Kong hit in apparent cyber outage in addition to Australia and Southwest Airlines

    Multiple websites operated by financial institutions and airlines including Hong Kong's stock exchange and Southwest Airlines went down.

    Australia on high alert for potential cyber terrorism as mobile banking apps crash

    Customers of several major banks are reporting online banking and app outages and authorities are "urgently investigating” it.

    Authorities zero in on two suspects behind Texas mass shooting

    13 people were hurt in a shooting on Sixth Street in Downtown Austin—and agents have now zeroed in on two suspects in the shooting.

    DOJ seizes cyber terrorists’ ransom cash just weeks after Colonial Pipeline adhered to ransom notice

    The DOJ seized cash paid by the Colonial Pipeline as part of a ransom notice last month.

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