Thursday, February 2, 2023
Thursday, February 2, 2023

    Clarifications and Corrections

    Tinu Moss elected to county judgeship defeating Mike Ruggieri

    The race for the second seat in the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas turned out to be a close battle as both parties secured a single seat.

    Madman shoots cop with SHOTGUN amid Pennsylvania standoff in Bucks County: Developing

    A suburban Pennsylvania madman lost his mind Wednesday and shot a police chief in the ear with a shotgun as officers attempted to calm the man down.

    Armed kidnappers strike Lady Gaga staffer, dog walker shot, 2 dogs stolen in overnight dog-napping

    Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot by a gunman who snatched the two pups before fleeing the scene in an Oceans Eleven style dog-napping.

    Donald Trump invites troops abandoned in DC to stay at Trump Hotel, National Guard ‘wasn’t aware’

    Any members of the National Guard are welcome to stay at Trump Hotel in D.C., the former president revealed.

    President Donald Trump Asks to Recount Wisconsin After Biden Makes Up for Low Count with Mail-in Ballots

    Your Election. Your Content. The latest news and polling information on Election 2020 featuring former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

    Politician’s PEDOPHILE 41-Year-Old Son Attends First Grade Google Meet Class in Delaware County

    The pedophile had over 1,000 illicit photos of children in 2002 before becoming a local political player and spying on kids via Google Meet.

    Delco: Hotel Guest Shot in Leg and Forearm, Shooter Darts on Foot Before Jumping Into Creek

    This is the second reported hotel shooting in just two weeks in suburban Philadelphia where gangs overtook hotels.

    Arrest Imminent: Cops Believe They’ll Solve Florida Lake Massacre In Less Than 7 Days

    Authorities are zoning in on key locations and claim they are less than 7 days away from cracking the case in Lake Streety, Florida.

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