Thursday, March 23, 2023
Thursday, March 23, 2023


    Bring Your Own Food, Drinks, Plates, and Everything Else or go Virtual for Thanksgiving 2020

    Those are the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, who released pandemic holiday guidance.

    As People Celebrate Biden Harris Win by Parading on City Streets, US Tops 10 Million COVID-19 Cases

    It comes as crowds flock to city streets across the U.S. to celebrate the apparent win of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

    World’s First ‘FORCED Coronavirus Lockdown’ to Be Imposed if Lawmakers Don’t Adhere to New Guidance

    It’s the first major city in the world to impose forced restrictions due to disagreements between lawmakers.

    Pennsylvania Reports Over 2,000 New Cases of COVID-19 in TWO Days

    There is now a two-day total of 2,372 additional positive cases of COVID-19.

    Feds in California Nab Dude from Texas for $2 BILLION Tax Fraud Scheme

    Federal prosecutors charged Texas billionaire Robert Brockman with a $2 billion tax fraud scheme.

    Nearly 400,000 Worldwide Cases of COVID-19 Reported, Shattering All-Time Daily High

    The global daily count of newly registered coronavirus infections reached an all-time high.

    President Trump Delivers on Promise to Help Panama Combat COVID, Drops Off 50 Ventilators

    Panama is praising President Donald Trump for following through on a promise to deliver ventilators.

    White House Chief Security Officer Has Been Hospitalized Since September, Said to Be ‘Gravely Ill’ from COVID-19

    The head of the White House security office is seriously ill with COVID-19 and has been in hospital since September.

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