Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Tuesday, January 11, 2022

    Crime and Justice

    Closing arguments in self-defense trial of Kyle Rittenhouse underway

    Closing arguments at Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial began with a prosecutor questioning whether Rittenhouse was really there to help the night he showed up in Kenosha.

    Your Breakdown: Here are the charges Kyle Rittenhouse faces as jurors prepare to deliberate

    Here’s a look at the charges that prosecutors carried into court, as well as lesser charges that the judge could put before the jury in final instructions.

    Police planned to issue trespass warning to Ahmaud Arbery the day vigilantes executed him

    A police officer testified Friday he planned to give Ahmaud Arbery a trespass warning but vigilantes executed him first.

    Kyle Rittenhouse defense team rests at self-defense trial that riveted the nation

    The defense rested its case Thursday at the self-defense trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, setting the stage for closing arguments Monday.

    Trial Testimony Highlights: Top Takeaways from Kyle Rittenhouse on the Stand

    Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand in his self-defense trial, testifying about how he shot three men who lunged at him during a riot in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

    Kyle Rittenouse takes witness stand in self-defense trial that riveted the nation

    Rittenhouse, now 18, appeared composed as he gave answers in a matter-of-fact tone to questions from defense attorney Mark Richards.

    Eyewitness says Kyle Rittenhouse was shaken after deadly altercation: ‘My God my life might be over’

    Stammering, shaking, sweating and pale, Rittenhouse hammered on the door of a local business that he had been protecting that night.

    Prosecutors rest in trial of Kyle Rittenhouse after five days of tedious testimony

    Prosecutors finished calling witnesses after five days of testimony in the high-profile self-defense case that riveted the nation.

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