Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Tuesday, March 28, 2023

    Back the Blue

    Facebook censors Law Enforcement Today with its near 900K members

    Facebook is policing the police—blocking one of the largest law enforcement groups in the United States.

    Capitol Police Officer NOT Dead, Remains on Life Support

    The death of a Capitol Police Officer has been greatly exaggerated because police told Your Content he remains alive and on life support. A...

    Four Men Arrested by Feds for Execution of Decorated Philadelphia Police Officer Cpl. James O’Connor

    The men accused of executing a decorated Philadelphia Police Officer ‘are eligible’ for the death penalty if found guilty.

    Police in Marple to Take Remainder of Week Off to Mourn Sudden Death of Fellow Officer

    Marple Township Police Department has closed for the week as officers mourn the sudden death of a fellow officer.

    New York Lawmaker Says Cops Should NOT Be Permitted to Conduct Traffic Stops Anymore

    He hopes to gain momentum and stop police from conducting traffic stops in New York City.

    Pennsylvania Family Purchases Six Billboards Reminding People Police Are ‘Your Neighbors, Your Friends, Your Family’

    A Pennsylvania woman and her family purchased six billboards in Berks County to support police.

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