Tuesday, March 28, 2023
Tuesday, March 28, 2023


    ‘Where’s Kyle When You Need Him’ New Yorkers Cry As Antifa Terrorizes Big Apple

    New Yorkers are calling on a Kyle to help them stop Antifa as they take a monstrous bite out of the Big Apple.

    VIDEO: Rioters RUN OVER in Times Square Moments Ago During Raining ‘Protest’

    Rioters have been run down by an outraged driver in New York City moments ago in the rain during a 'peaceful protest.'

    ‘80 Percent of People in Kenosha Support Kyle’ Locals Declare

    Nearly ‘80% of people in the city support Kyle Rittenhouse’ as he prepares to stand trial.

    Portland Hit So Bad, Trump Pauses News Briefing to Hold PRAYER for Burning City on 104th Day of Riots

    President Trump paused a news briefing moments ago to simply pray for the crippled city that has yet to ask for assistance from the feds.

    President Trump Says He Can Now Fix Portland Riot Situation in Just 15 MINUTES: ‘We’re Ready’

    The president said 'it will take approximately 15 minutes' for the federal government to end the Portland lawlessness.

    Antifa Tries to Over Take DC for Second Night in a Row, Demanding Residents Surrender Property

    DC saw violent riots in the weeks following police killing of George Floyd, and the chaos re-erupted.

    Trump Supporter Gunned Down and MURDERED by Portland Rioters During Trump 2020 Caravan

    A supporter of President Trump was fatally shot as a caravan of Trump supporters drove through Portland.

    Seattle Man Sues City for $3 Billion for Creating ‘A State of Lawlessness’ and Losing Control

    The city allowed 'politically charged armed, anarchist protesters to infiltrate, takeover, and govern a part of downtown Seattle.'

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