Saturday, November 27, 2021
Saturday, November 27, 2021


    DA Says Cosby Gave Lady a Pill That Knocked Her Out for 2 Days, Supreme Court Literally Laughs

    Five members of the Supreme Court laughed as prosecutors claimed Bill Cosby gave a pill to a lady that resulted in her falling asleep for two days.

    13 Must See Moments Where the Pa. Supreme Court Obliterated Prosecutors in the Bill Cosby Trial

    All Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justices had a bite at the Cosby prosecutors during a virtual hearing on Dec. 1, and we've put together the best bits.

    Correcting the Injustice in the Bill Cosby Trial

    Suppose you were suddenly accused of sexual assault. A dozen or more years ago, you crossed a line. In an instant, it's all over.

    Supreme Court Begins Deliberations on the Fate of Bill Cosby: What You Need to Know

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has heard oral arguments in a first-ever virtual proceeding with comedian Bill Cosby and his legal team.

    Coronavirus Has Hit Harvey Weinstein, Fondler Reportedly ‘Very Ill’

    Harvey Weinstein may perish behind bars due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

    Diplo Accused of Being A ‘Predator’ After Girl, 17, Says They Had Sexual Relationship

    Producer and musician Diplo stands accused of having a sexual relationship with a neighbor who was 17-years-old.

    R. Kelly Denied SIXTH Attempt at Bail Despite First of Many Gang Hit Attempts

    They determined that Kelly poses a flight risk and that his release could endanger the community.

    R. Kelly Nearly Stabbed with a Pen by Vicious Inmate with Tattoo ‘F the Feds’ on Face

    The ‘I Believe I Can Fly Star’ had his wings clipped yet again after losing a jailhouse brawl.

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