Thursday, February 2, 2023
Thursday, February 2, 2023


    New invasive species found in Florida river with ‘scales as impenetrable as armor’

    A fearsome new invasive predator has emerged in the state: the arapaima, a monster fish.

    ‘I’m the sheriff’: Detroit-area lawman stops phony cop car

    A man driving what appeared to be a police car didn’t fool a suspicious sheriff in suburban Detroit.

    Horrific leaked photos show inmates operating Georgia-based prison

    Prisoners have overtaken Roger State Prison in Georgia, according to bombshell photographs obtained by What's more, insiders claim 'people are in for a surprise.

    It was an ordinary day until Facebook killed these people, who were very much alive

    Facebook has a staggering number of users— in excess of 2 Billion.  Estimates suggest that 8,000 of these users die every day.  But do...

    Empty Time Capsule Causes Major Confusion, Police Say

    New Hampshire folk are trying to figure out how a recently opened time capsule from 50 years ago has nothing in it.

    ‘Cornholio’ Wanted by Police for Breaking and Entering

    A man wanted for breaking and entering a Euclid business pulled his t-shirt up to the top of his head to disguise as ‘Cornholio.’

    Toddler calls police, asks they bring him McDonalds. Cop says OK.

    A 5-year-old Michigan boy had a craving for McDonald’s but his grandmother was sleeping so he called 911 and made a request. Iziah Hall of...

    Harrisburg club to offer patrons date rape drug test kits with each drink following internet outburst

    Following a bombshell exclusive that took the internet by storm after nearly two-dozen men and women allege a Harrisburg based nightclub was a 'drug infested rape den' — the club announced it will now offer date rape drug test kits for patrons!

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