Friday, March 17, 2023
Friday, March 17, 2023

    Shapiro's Scoop

    AG Josh Shapiro Arrests Would-be Philly Bombers Who Could’ve Killed Dozens

    The explosives were being transported in a van that was identified and followed by investigators.

    AG Shapiro Declares VICTORY After Injunction to ‘Halt Illegal Changes at USPS’ is GRANTED

    AG Shapiro has declared victory after a federal judge granted his motion for a preliminary injunction.

    AG Shapiro Praises Montco Summer Camp for Cooperating with His Office to Return Tuitions

    The summer camp has committed to refunding tuitions they received before the pandemic hit.

    AG Shapiro Catches Flock of Jail Birds and Their Criminal Pals on the Outside Claiming Unemployment

    AG Josh Shapiro has captured an entire flock of jailbirds who fraudulently claimed unemployment benefits while serving time for their crimes.

    Pennsylvania Prisoners and Their Former Free Criminal Pals Busted for COVID Unemployment Scheme

    Pennsylvania’s top cop — AG Josh Shapiro — announced sweeping charges against 20 individuals.

    Prisoners from THREE Pa. State Prisons Busted by AG Shapiro for Getting COVID UNEMPLOYMENT

    Pennsylvania prisoners have made off with unemployment while lounging behind bars, and sources tell Your Content AG Shapiro has arrested 20 of them.

    Jersey Wholesaler NABBED by AG Shapiro for Ripping Pennsylvanian Businesses Off During Pandemic

    A Jersey jerk off was caught ripping businesses off to cash in on blood money funded by mom-and-pop shops.

    AG Shapiro Says Pa. Election Delays Are BS, Vows to Fight for Residents from Both Parties

    Pennsylvania’s top cop — Attorney General Josh Shapiro — made it crystal clear his office isn’t playing politics.

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