Sunday, March 26, 2023
Sunday, March 26, 2023

    Shapiro's Scoop

    AG Shapiro Catches Lady Hawking Off PPE on eBay: ‘Turn Over Docs or Go to Court’

    An accused PPE price gouger has been identified by AG Josh Shapiro as Jenkintown native Jane Sutter.

    Pa. State Senator Michael Folmer Shipped to State Prison for Child Porn

    The Pennsylvania politician-turned-pedophile was shipped to a state penitentiary for his disgusting crimes.

    AG Josh Shapiro’s Office Locates 30 Sticks of Dynamite Used to Blow ATMs Up

    ATTORNEY GENERAL Josh Shapiro announced that Talib Crump, 26, of Philadelphia, is being charged after a search warrant at the defendant’s home lead agents...

    FOP Agrees with Penn. AG Shapiro: ‘We Stand United in Calling for Reform of the Hiring Process’

    Authorities want to end the practice of unknowingly hiring officers with documented patterns of excessive use of force or other misconduct.

    AG Shapiro Says Sexual Misconduct Must Stop Being Prosecuted by Classrooms, Vows to Chase Offenders

    ATTORNEY General Josh Shapiro today stepped up to defend survivors, schools, and universities from new Title IX regulations published by the Trump Administration, Your...

    AG Shapiro Arrests BOMBER Who Sold Dynamite to Nearby Rioters to BLOW UP ATM Machines

    AG Josh Shapiro busted a crazed bomb-maker who is accused of selling dynamite to nearby rioters who in turn used them to blow up ATM machines.

    Philly COVID Gold Digging Dollar Store Busted by AG Shapiro for Price Gouging: $25 Masks

    Attorney General Josh Shapiro stopped illegal price gouging at the EZ Dollar Plus after residents reported the defiant dollar store.

    AG Shapiro: ‘It’s Essential That We Protect Workers and Businesses’ as They Confront This Crisis’

    Attorney General Josh Shapiro is calling for key changes to the Payment Protection Program to ensure funds are distributed fairly and equitably.

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