Sunday, September 25, 2022
Sunday, September 25, 2022


    PROMISE KEPT! President Trump Grants FULL Pardon to Alice Johnson

    President Trump has granted a full pardon to Alice Johnson for a non-violent drug dealing conviction.

    FBI Debunks Russia-Trump Collusion Rumor, Confirms NO Voter Fraud Ever Happened

    The FBI says it has to date not seen a "coordinated national voter fraud effort during a major election."

    Trump Deploys Federal Police to Wisconsin to Regain Control of State

    Trump says he's sending federal officers to Kenosha, Wisconsin to address protests after the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

    White House to Televise ‘Important’ Briefing This Evening, Trump Says ‘Very Good News’

    The White House is expected to make a very good announcement this evening.

    Ticked Off TikTok Executives to Sue President Trump: AFP

    TikTok executives are ready to sue over President Trump’s crackdown, Your Content has learned. TikTok will file a lawsuit against the president’s administration following...

    Trump: ‘Obama and Biden Did Such a Bad Job and That’s Why I Stand Before You as President’

    President Trump declared Wednesday evening that former President Obama and VP Joe Biden 'did such a bad job' that it forged him to run...

    FBI Lawyer Pleads Guilty to Falsifying Documents on Trump Campaign

    Former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith formally pleaded guilty to changing text in an email.

    Autistic Boy, 3, Banned for Life from Sesame Place for Having Trump Flag, Said to Be ‘Protesting’

    The serenity of Sesame Place was blown to smithereens when simmering political tensions between park security exploded in a savage screamfest.

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