Wednesday, March 22, 2023
Wednesday, March 22, 2023


    T-Mobile Money online banking down in unexpected outage amid data dump pandemic

    Customers at T-Mobile Money have been left unable to log access their bank accounts online amid the largest data heist in recent years.

    Instagram sets unprecedented censorship to protect Biden administration from ‘harmful words’

    Instagram initiated a comment censorship campaign to protect President Biden from 'harmful words' amid his handling of the Afghan crisis.

    Nigerian government doubles down on big tech, indefinitely bans Twitter for censoring their president

    Nigeria’s government has announced an indefinite suspension of Twitter in the country.

    Facebook and Instagram Outages Reported Across Globe

    Instagram is down and millions of users across the world are experiencing an outage affecting news feeds and logins in both Instagram and Facebook.

    Internet Service Cloudflare Used to Power Millions of Websites Crashes

    Cloudflare — an internet service that is supposed to keep websites up and running — went down.

    Must-See Pics of Apple’s First Floating Store in Singapore Bay

    The company is working on its first floating Apple Store, which will be a massive silver orb.

    Airbnb Files Paperwork for an IPO With Plans to Go Public

    Airbnb files confidential paperwork for an IPO, moving ahead with plans to go public.

    TikTok’s Times Up: Trump Signs Executive Order Banning Transactions with Parent Company

    President Trump has signed an executive order banning transactions with TikTok’s parent.

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