Friday, October 15, 2021
Friday, October 15, 2021


    WHO warns coronavirus transmitted through ‘respiratory droplets’ in new report

    World Health Organization leaders say the deadly coronavirus is transmitted through 'respiratory droplets' including stethoscopes and thermometers!

    Pennsylvania issues a stay-at-home order for all residents as coronavirus spreads

    Gov. Tom Wolf announced Monday he’s putting Pennsylvania into a virtual lockdown to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

    Las Vegas goes dark after Nevada’s governor ordered casinos closed over coronavirus fears

    Las Vegas will go dark for one month with other non-essential businesses like bars, movie theaters, gyms and restaurants over coronavirus fears.

    Texas Governor deploys the National Guard over coronavirus fears

    As a way to help assist in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has activated the National Guard. Abbott's office says...

    Coronavirus: Amazon suspends majority of warehouse shipments

    Amazon has temporarily suspended the shipment of all items from independent merchants to its warehouses that are not medical supplies or "high-demand" products. This temporary...

    🦠 New Jersey announces daily curfew in effort to combat coronavirus spread

    Officials in Hoboken, New Jersey, have announced a daily curfew effective immediately in an unprecedented effort to combat the deadly coronavirus spread, Your Content can report.

    🦠 CDC confirms Delaware County’s patient as positive for coronavirus

    The Delaware County patient who was presumed to be positive for the coronavirus has been confirmed by the CDC, Your Content has exclusively learned....

    Police swarm Yeadon area after off-duty Philly sheriff shot in the back

    Police in Delaware County are swarming two separate incidents involving gunshot victims, one being an off-duty Philadelphia deputy.

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