Sunday, June 13, 2021
Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Trump reveals he’d like Pres. Biden ‘far better than’ himself if he were a foreign leader: ‘They will now get very rich’

Former President Trump confessed he too would like Biden far better than President Trump, because ‘he’d get rich.’

Authorities zero in on two suspects behind Texas mass shooting

13 people were hurt in a shooting on Sixth Street in Downtown Austin—and agents have now zeroed in on two suspects in the shooting.

Trump declares ‘2020 Presidential Election Scam’ was the ‘crime of the century’

Trump said Saturday that the previous presidential election was nothing but a ‘scam’ — dubbing it the ‘crime of the century.’

Michigan AG Dana Nessel deployed state police to have woman ‘picked up’ before going on Fox News

The state’s top cop wanted to cage and censor a woman before she went on national television to discuss coronavirus closures.

Party busses in Camden and Chicago caught fire Friday night, sending partygoers fleeing

Partygoers in two states were in utter shock Friday night as their party busses caught fire amid the unrelated celebrations.

Christine Quinn seeks to unseat crude Florida congresswoman who dubbed Trump voters ‘anti-American’

A fierce Florida businesswoman announced Wednesday that she would seek the Republican nomination for United States House of Representative in 2022.