Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023
Friday, September 22, 2023
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Rudy Farias describes heartbreaking life with abusive mom Janie Santana

Rudy Farias has emerged from an alleged eight-year captivity, escaping the clutches of his mother, Janie Santana, amidst claims of abuse.

Rudy Farias Breaks Silence, Says Mom ‘Manipulated’ and Jailed Him

Rudy Farias has finally come forward to share his side of the story amid a period of speculation from the public.

Janie Santana will ‘reunite’ with Rudy Farias when publicity dies down

In a shocking twist, Janie Santana, the embattled mother of Rudy Farias claims to have 'rescued' Rudy on Jun. 29.

Janie Santana Reportedly Goes to Houston Police to ‘File Report’

The embattled mother of Rudy Farias journeyed to Houston Police Department some hours ago to make an apparent police report.

Traces of chicken, alcohol found in forest where Janie Santana allegedly hid son

What's more, an apparent 'trap door' exists in Farias' backyard that leads directly to the wooded area filled with traces of booze and take-out.

Janie Santana allegedly wants Rudy Farias charged, dubs son a ‘twerp’

Janie Santana whined to friends in confidence that her son Rudy Farias is a ‘twerp’ who ‘ruined’ her multiple ‘reputations.'

Janie Santana had ‘mental breakdown’ over NY Post report, logs onto Facebook

Janie Santana suffered a 'mental breakdown' and logged onto Facebook after a Post story revealed the embattled mother was a serial catfisher.

Quanell X Says Houston Cops Lied About Rudy Farias Interview

Quanell X scolded members of the Houston Police Department for lying about what transpired during an interview with Rudy Farias.

Janie Santana, Rudy Farias’ Mom, Charged with Gun Offense in 1994

The mother of Rudy Farias—Janie Santana—holds a criminal record that includes a gun charge stemming from a domestic disturbance in the ‘90s.

Houston Police: Rudy Farias and Mom Lied About His Disappearance

The Houston Police Department said that Rudy Farias was not actually missing—saying cops were misled.

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