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Judge on Cosby trial ordered assessment that was recently deemed ‘unconstitutional’ by higher-court

Bill Cosby found himself back on prime-time television when millions of viewers around the world turned to the news when the verdict was announced and the shocked defense team didn’t catch on to an ‘unconstitutional’ publicity stunt!

Jurors in Bill Cosby case hear back entire testimony of witness who alleges Constand told her she could ‘set up a celebrity for money’...

Andrea Constand once said she could fabricate sexual assault claims against a celebrity for financial gain, a key defense witness testified last Wednesday in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial. Jurors will hear back the entire testimony of Marguerite "Margo" Jackson.

Jury in Bill Cosby case: ‘We understood we could see things again?’

Jurors at Bill Cosby’s sexual-assault retrial began deliberating Wednesday morning. Less than two hours later, they notified Judge Steven O'Neill that they had a question - marking the third question since deliberations started this morning.

Cosby accuser Andrea Constand changes story for 6th time when she takes the stand; blames police for her inconsistencies

Last year Constand provided approximately 5 contradicting statements, which ultimately led to the jury not being able to render a unanimous verdict, triggering a mistrial. This year, Constand added several different accounts to what allegedly occurred in Cosby’s Cheltenham estate in 2004.

Prosecutor: ‘Castor is suing Constand more of less because he blames her for cooperating with police’

Thursday Judge Steven T. O’Neill heard arguments in regards to allowing the jury to hear about the civil suit between former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor, who declined to prosecute Cosby in 2005 and Andrea Constand.

Judge presiding over Cosby trial had alleged affair with witness’ colleague; failed to disclose affair to defense

Judge Steven O’Neill allegedly had an affair with one of the witness’ colleagues but failed to disclose this bias on the record or to the defense – a bias that could play a critical role in any future proceedings.

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