Thursday, June 4, 2020
Thursday, June 4, 2020

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Pa. State Rep. Margo Davidson could become the first homeless lawmaker in history

Delaware County State Representative Margo Davidson is on the verge of becoming the first homeless politician, stunning lawsuit reveals.

GOOD RIDDANCE! Davidson kid off to state prison for three years

Joel Davidson – son of disgraced Delaware County State Rep. Margo Davidson – was shipped off to a state penitentiary today after...

Margo Davidson’s ‘good friend’ and ‘hand-picked’ councilman accused of stealing funds from Mosque

© Original Media Group/Facebook/ Members of the Masjid Al-Medina Mosque in Upper Darby Township are stunned after a...

PA Attorney General Demanded State Conceal Docs of Careless State Rep’s Accident!

Documents the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania didn't want the public knowing about were leaked to -- causing a media-frenzy!

Pennsylvania dished out $12k silence victims of Rep. Margo Davidson’s accident

Margo Davidson’s actions just cost taxpayers throughout Pennsylvania thousands – the exclusive documents that they didn’t want you to see!

Disgraced Rep. Margo Davidson: Tricked cops at hearing now subject of new proposed bill to ban taxpayer-funded cars

Disgraced Delaware County State Rep. Margo Davidson’s (D-Pa.) is scheduled to report back before a judge for a string of incidents stemming from several car accidents in a taxpayer-funded vehicle caused by Davidson.

Judge finds disgraced Delaware County State Rep. Margo Davidson guilty of crashing taxpayer-funded car

Judge David Lang of Marple Township found the disgraced Delaware County state rep guilty of crashing a taxpayer-funded car without a valid drivers license. YC broke the story in February after our investigators discovered Davidson had crashed a car funded by taxpayer money .. twice!

Disgraced State Rep. Margo Davidson Postpones Trials to Focus on Campaign; Son Person of Interest in Murder Probe

Disgraced Delaware County State Representative Margo Davidson pushed her trials back a few months with hopes of becoming a Congresswomen.

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Las Vegas Finally Reopens After Coronavirus Lockdown Amir George Floyd Riots

ONE day after Governor Steve Sisolak officially announced he "feels confident" on June 4 as the date...

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GEORGE Floyd tested positive for the novel coronavirus in a test taken after his...

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