Delaware County Mayor Charged with DUI After Fleeing Accident

Mayor Arrested for DUI (Mike Ciach)
CHESTER, Pa. — Mike Ciach of Upland was charged with driving under the influence after he allegedly hit a vehicle and fled the scene of the crash, according to a spokesperson for Chester City. Ciach also ran for State Representative earlier this year, losing to his opponent.
The mayor was arrested after he rear-ended a vehicle which then struck two additional parked cars Friday in the city of Chester.
When police arrived, neighbors were on their porches yelling that the driver of a 2002 Dodge pickup had bolted on foot. Clearly, the mayor is no track-star. Ciach was seen prowling a neighboring area by patrol officers who arrested him.
Volonna Wright told 6abc she told him to stay at the scene.

“He was getting out of his car, and I was like, ‘Sir, is that your car?’ and he was like, ‘I’ll be right back, I’ll be right back,’ ” said Wright.

Wright also told Action News her conversation was brief, and she had no idea the man who had allegedly just hit her father’s parked SUV was Upland Mayor Michael Ciach.200px-michaelciach

Charges were filed against Upland Mayor Michael Ciach after police say he rear-ended a car that then struck two other vehicles on Friday in the city of Chester, just outside of Philadelphia.

The incident occurred on East 22nd Street and Edgemont Avenue in Chester at approximately 3:33 a.m.

He is also charged with damage to unattended vehicles and failure to notify police of an accident, according to public records. Ciach was released on his own recognizance. He will be mailed a summons for his arraignment date, according to the Chester City spokesperson.

Court records indicate that Ciach lost his balance as officers patted him down. Police then determined that it was unsafe for him to undergo a sobriety test. The records also state that the two officers carried Ciach to a police car after he again lost his balance.

Young Constituents reached out to Mayor Ciach for comment. We have not yet heard back from him.

Mike Ciach for  State Representative 

» Funny Bullets from Mike Ciach for State Representative

  • “We need Mike to be our eyes, ears and voice in Harrisburg and here at home!”
    • Ciach needs to focus on his own eyes first, to avoid hitting parked cars while driving drunk.
  • “Mike has served with honesty and integrity, working in a bipartisan manner for the good of our community.”
    • Ciach did all of this while telling a constituent he would be “right back” after crashing into a number of cars, drunk.
  • “Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland has put himself and his ego first — now that he’s Mayor in Chester he wants to slide his nephew into State Rep. so no one in Harrisburg is looking over his shoulder.”
    • His ego may be first, Mike. However, it seems Miller (or Bud Light) is first in you. Luckily the police were looking over your shoulders.