Thursday, January 14, 2021
Thursday, January 14, 2021

fact checking policy

PUBLISHED: APR 9, 2020 | MODIFIED: APR 9, 2020

Reporters and Content Contributors must be precise with their words, headlines, and URLs. They must understand that words have power and act responsibly. In doing so, reporters and content contributors must verify the information they gather. This includes identifying information such as names and positions, but also includes factual statements and accounts. Reporters and Content Contributors conduct their own fact checking using their own judgment guided by the ethics policy. Your Content will use fact checkers in certain circumstances it deems warranted.

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We are committed to non-partisanship, transparency of sources, transparency of funding, and being open to reasonable criticism and corrections in our organization. We check the information with all related parties before publishing it online.


If we receive a claim regarding fact-checking on our website, we first contact the source of the claim for further elaboration and supporting information. We also contact individuals and organizations who would have more information about or have relevant experience on the subject at hand, as well as researching relevant literature (news articles, scientific and medical journal articles, books, interview transcripts, statistical sources) that has bearing on the topic.


Depending upon the nature and complexity of the topic, other members of the editorial staff may contribute additional research and changes to the writers’ work, and the final product will pass through the hands of our editors. Any piece that is not deemed up to our standards by one or more editors is subject to further revision and review before being released for publication.

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