Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023


    ‘Cosby Show’ one-and-done star alleges comedian violated her 30 years ago

    A woman who appeared on The Cosby Show’s final season claims in court documents that the comedian violated her in hotel room.

    Macho #MeToo minion Michael Avenatti cheats justice with mistrial in Cali case

    An Orange County judge declared a mistrial Tuesday in the embezzlement trial of macho #MeToo minion Michael Avenatti.

    R. Kelly judge slammed by members of legal community: ‘I want some of what she’s smoking’

    "This is a shocking violation of the First Amendment and of the public’s right to have access to the courts," attorney Norm Pattis declared.

    First secret trial in modern history underway in NYC to convict R. Kelly with tactics used by dictatorships

    Secret trials have been a characteristic of almost every dictatorship of the modern era, usually cited necessary for the sake of 'national security.'

    Matt Gaetz’s political pimp gave incriminating texts to feds revealing sex, drugs and honey money

    Congressman Matt Gaetz's political pal Joel Greenberg has given prosecutors years worth of electronic cash transactions, pictures and videos.

    Prince Andrew sued after botched attempt to escape justice for Epstein Island involvement

    Prince Andrew was sued on Monday in a New York City court by his accuser Virginia Roberts.

    Time’s literally up for Time’s Up board co-chair Roberta Kaplan for her role in Cuomo sex scandal

    Time's Up board co-chair Roberta Kaplan has stepped down after a report found she advised NY Gov. Cuomo.

    Bill Cosby contemplating a cameo for rapper Memphis Jelks’ ‘The Cosby Dance’

    Comedian Bill Cosby is contemplating a cameo performance for musician and rapper Memphis Jelks’ viral song ‘The Cosby Dance.'

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