Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023

    The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos

    Mistress Michelle Troconis Says ‘Humans Are Responsible for Misleading Information’ As She Vacations in Miami

    Michelle Troconis has declared ‘humans are primarily responsible for spreading misleading information.’

    Michelle Troconis ‘Not A Flight Risk’ Despite Flying 1,300 Miles to Miami to Violate COVID Social Distancing Rules

    Muddleheaded Michelle is so intent on cheating justice she's packed her bags and left Connecticut overnight and journeyed to Miami for a 'family reunion.'

    Jennifer Dulos Said to Have Been Dismembered and Dispersed Throughout Connecticut

    Missing mom Jennifer Dulos has died, according to documents filed in court by the Wednesday.

    Fotis Dulos Dateline Special Nominated for an Emmy

    The award nomination comes after Dulos took his life for being accused of murder.

    Fotis Dulos’ Mistress-Turned-Girlfriend Michelle Troconis Begs Court to Remove Bail Conditions

    Connecticut's most hated mistress-turned-girlfriend has asked the court to remove bail conditions after evidence of a potential fourth suspect surfaced.

    NEW SUSPECT? Police Catch Break in Missing Connecticut Mom Jennifer Dulos Case, New DNA

    An unknown DNA sample was discovered on trash bag Fotis Dulos threw away in Hartford hours after Jennifer Farber Dulos disappeared.

    Police swarm Fotis Dulos’ estate after a ‘moving truck’ was seen taking items from home

    Police swarmed Fotis Dulos' former Farmington estate after reports that 'contents of the home' were being rushed into 'a moving truck with New York plates.'

    Fotis Dulos’ Sister: ‘Real Perpetrator Still At Large, Still A Threat to Public Safety’

    Fotis Dulos' sister broke her silence Monday in a statement days after his sudden death, revealing their beliefs that the real perpetrator remains at large.

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