Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023


    Kyle Rittenhouse vic testifies he wielded pistol at Rittenhouse before getting shot

    The ‘victim’ was pointing his own gun at Rittenhouse when the young man shot him.

    Man who chased Kyle Rittenhouse with gun says he may make $10M if Rittenhouse is convicted

    “If Mr. Rittenhouse is convicted, your chance of getting 10 million bucks is better, right?” Rittenhouse’s defense team said.

    Minneapolis to drop $6.4 million to hire more cops after ‘defunding’ police led to crime

    Government officials in Minneapolis are cutting no corners after their city transformed into a crime plagued war zone.

    Philadelphia Police ‘Activating’ Their ‘Rapid Response Team,’ Reports of Explosion

    At 11:07 p.m. Philadelphia Police activated their ‘rapid response team’ to respond to the intersection of JFK & 16th Street to fight off rioters...

    Delaware County Locks Down All Gateway Points to Enter and Exit Suburban Philly Amid Day 4 of Riots

    Delco remains completely locked down for out-of-towners, protected by a police-barricade at all Philly borders.

    Feds Nab FOUR Rioters Responsible for BURNING Pa. State Trooper’s Car, 2 from Out of State

    Four men were indicted by a federal grand jury for burning a Pennsylvania State Police cruiser in Philly amid the George Floyd riots earlier this year.

    Terrorist Attack Foiled? FBI to Probe Bombs Found Amid Philly Riot as ‘Act of Terror’

    The person responsible for the ‘arsenal’ of bombs and bomb-making material amid the riots ‘will face terror-related charges.’

    Philadelphia Under 9PM Curfew Due to Riots

    A curfew of 9:00 p.m. has been imposed in Philadelphia due to imminent riots to follow for a third night in a row, Your Content has learned.

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