Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023


    NEW NORM? Flight Attendants Wear Diapers to Prevent COVID-19

    Cabin crew are being advised to diapers on charter flights in a bizarre attempt to reduce the chance of catching COVID-19.

    Photos Show Children Placed in Plastic BOXES to Avoid Spread of Coronavirus At Thai Schools K-12

    The world's strictest school social distancing has been revealed to be Thai kindergartners sealed in perspex boxes.

    First COVID-19 Specialty Store OPENS at King of Prussia Mall in Suburban Philly

    The state is now home to one of three coronavirus specialty stores designed post-pandemic for locals to keep up with the ‘new norm.'

    Man Travels in Plastic Bubble to Avoid COVID-19

    A mall goer has gone to great lengths to protect himself against COVID-19 by travelling in a large plastic bubble.

    People Urged to SHUT OFF Air Conditioners After Experts Warn of COVID Concerns

    AIR CONDITIONING units that recirculate the same air in a room need to be either turned off or used with the windows open in...

    Experts Warn Most Psychopaths Have NOT Adhered to Coronavirus Guidelines

    PEOPLE who exhibit psychopathic traits are likely to ignore lockdown restrictions and journey via airplane to beaches, resorts, churches, and outdoor eateries — rapidly...

    Wuhan Man Gains 225 Pounds During 5 Month Coronavirus Quarantine

    A 26-year-old man in Wuhan has gained 225 pounds in the space of five months while staying at home to avoid COVID-19, according to...

    Boy, 9, Breaks Down in Tears After Eating First McDonald’s Happy Meal During Quarantine

    The heartwarming moment a nine-year-old autistic boy broke down in tears after his mother brought him his first McDonald's since quarantine.

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