Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023


    Federal inmate, ‘Slick’, caught smuggling goods into Philly prison using string

    A Philadelphia man known as ‘Slick’ managed to smuggle contraband into a fortified federal penitentiary using his jail cell window and a line of string.

    Bookkeeper dubbed ‘Bogart bandit’ diverted nearly $700K for her ‘living expenses’

    The ‘Bogart bandit’ lived a lavish lifestyle at the expense of clients-turned-victims who foot the bill for her luxurious living.

    Pennsylvania prisoner skips town after being allowed to attend Rhode Island funeral

    Police are scouring Pennsylvania for reports of an escaped convict who slipped out of custody early Wednesday morning during a funeral service.

    OnlyFans to ban porn starting in October

    The millions of sex fiends who flock to OnlyFans to satisfy their dirty needs will be prohibited from doing so starting this October.

    Missouri authorities probe water after finding over 50,000 dead fish in Kansas City creek

    Authorities are investigating a situation that left over 50,000 fish dead in a Kansas City-area creek, Your Content has learned.

    West Scranton High School evacuated over a HOUSE CAT mistaken for bobcat

    A Pennsylvania high school frantically evacuated students Tuesday afternoon after reports of a vicious bobcat prowling the hallways.

    Outrage storms social media amid Capitol commission: “There’s zero comparison” to 2,977 9/11 victims

    ‘You’re ridiculous. There’s zero comparison.’ Ginger tweeted. ‘9/11 — thousands killed by terrorists.’

    Man recalls moment cops told him to ‘have a good night’ in room full of weed amid chaos at Capitol

    "The cops were very cool, they’re like: ‘Hey guys have a good night.’ It’s really weird," the man told CNN, noting he found a weed-filled room.

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