Saturday, May 27, 2023
Saturday, May 27, 2023

    Pam Gray called as first defense witness in Cosby trial; contradicts Constand’s testimony

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    Pam Gray told jurors that Bill Cosby never called Temple University to ask to speak to Andrea Constand, only calling to speak to Dawn Staley, the former coach of Temple Women’s Basketball.

    “Based upon your personal observations, did you ever see Andrea Constand around Margo Constand?” Kathleen Bliss asked Pam. “Yes, she came in the office.” She replied.

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    “The academic advisor, Margo Jackson, do you know whether she would room with other people?” Kathleen asked.

    “If it’s an open and available space they room with the Director of Basketball Operations. Usually the Academic Advisor would room with the Director of Basketball Operations.” Pam said. At the time, Margo Jackson was the Academic Advisor whereas Andrea Constand was the Director of Basketball Operations.

    Constand testified earlier this week that she never roomed with Margo Jackson and at last year’s trial Constand testified that she never heard of Margo Jackson.

    Margo Jackson claims Constand told her she could claim sexual assault, sue Bill Cosby and use the money to open up a business and pay for her education.

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    “You agree she was into healthy food?” Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden asked Pam. “Well she ate some stuff that wasn’t healthy – just putting that out there.” Pam said, as laughter erupted from all parties and people in the courtroom.

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