Obama Administration will no longer visit certain universities

Obama: My cabinet & administration will not longer visit universities that fall short in addressing sexual assaults

Associated Press
  • Advocates for fighting sexual assault on campuses around the nation, President Barack Obama and Vice President Biden have taken many steps to better handle sexual assault on university campuses
  • The two officials amped up their efforts by announcing that they will no longer visit campuses run by staff who aren’t serious about assault charges
  • Under the policy, President Barack Obama, Biden, their wives and members of the Cabinet will no longer visit higher education institutions where officials are deemed to be doing a poor job taking on the troubling frequency of reported sexual assaults, according to Juliet Eilperin of The Washington Post
  • This new rule is the latest in a series of steps taken by the White House to make it easier for victims to report the crime urging schools punish offenders
  • There are currently 253 ongoing investigations into how schools are handling sexual assaults by the Department of Education, basically 5 times the amount two years ago
  • Both the president and vice president have long sought to raise awareness about the issues
  • Biden told the Post he’d like to take away federal money from colleges and universities that fail to “put the pedal to the metal”
  • Biden is a spokesman for the White House’s “It’s On Us” campaign to end sexual assault before it takes place