ELECTION FRAUD: Updates on Pennsylvania voter fraud allegations

Philadelphia, Pa. – Numerous reports of election fraud are rising from Pennsylvania counties, including Philadelphia. We are receiving tips and following social media updates with specific keywords to help target election fraud allegations & polling-station issues from Pennsylvania, a key swing-state that may make or break the election.

Updated: 4:49 p.m.

  • Hearing regarding illegal election activity underway in Philadelphia.
    • Judge orders polling machine with invalid votes impounded
    • Clinton attorney cross-examining pollwatcher who saw illegal votes on machines.
    • Pollwatcher testifies that Election judge “pushed” him out of poling place.

  • Several Trump pollwatchers have had certificates physically grabbed from them in Philadelphia.
  • Poll-watcher threatened with a belt. Has left polling place. Feared attack was imminent at Wissinomming Rec.
  • Votes on machine before the polls opened. Trump watcher ejected for objecting to using the machine.
  • Republican pollworkers Philly are being blocked from entering polling locations. These are poll workers – NOT observers.
  • Four counties in PA reporting machine calibration issues. Not registering votes for Trump.
  • List of places in Philly where GOP workers thrown out: 16-02, 32-14, 40-3, 20-3.
  • Philly: Ward 62, Div 13 – report of votes on the machines before polls opened.
  • Philadelphia GOP is going to court to impound machine that allegedly registered votes before polls opened. (Update 2:37 p.m.)
  • Wilkes-Barre, PA: Voting machine defaults to Clinton when voting for Trump. (Update 4:19 p.m.)
  • Ward 12-2 in North West Philadelphia: Reports of a sign-in sheet being used rather than a clerk allowing people to vote if they sign on a name. (Update 2:45 p.m.)

This is a developing story. Please check back regularly for updates.