Sunday, January 29, 2023
Sunday, January 29, 2023

    Kevin Steele staffer takes notes & tags along with Cosby camp during trial

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    As the trial against comedian Bill Cosby continues, the feeding-frenzy by the media has significantly declined. Following the bizarre naked woman stunt on the first few days of the trial, our correspondents kept an eye out for other potential jumpers who might pop out for their 15 seconds of fame.
    After noticing a blonde-haired woman mingling with known protesters and reporters, our team dug further to uncover who this woman was.
    At first, many thought she was a reporter amongst the dozens — until we confirmed it was Kate Delano, the Director of Communications for Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele.
    We reached out to the District Attorney’s Office asking them to identify her but they have refused to comment.
    Last week, Cosby signed an autograph for a young girl accompanied by her mother, who has been out supporting him since the retrial started.
    Following the autograph, Delano asked her who authorized it and demanded additional details. The mother then told her daughter to stay away from reporters, afraid of Delano’s demeanor towards her.
    “I thought she was a reporter,” the mother told YC. “She was demanding to know who let us get an autograph.” According to the mother, Delano was outraged that her daughter was permitted to meet Cosby.

    Young girl accompanied by her mother has her book signed by comedian Bill Cosby as he exits courthouse. (YC.NEWS)

    It is not clear why she takes notes, videos and photos whenever Bill Cosby’s spokespeople give a statement, but it may be a tactic to order the defense not to speak to the media.
    According to The Washington Informer, district attorney spokeswoman Kate Delano, who regularly schmoozes with reporters sympathetic to the prosecution and who’s followed Wyatt around the courthouse, complained about Wyatt and Benson.
    “We only give press conferences if a dog or cat died,” Delano said to Wyatt.

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