Tuesday, May 30, 2023
Tuesday, May 30, 2023

    FBI Joins Massive Manhunt for Killer Peter Manfredonia, Neighbor of Sandy Hook Shooter

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    The FBI has deployed field agents from several states to scour Pennsylvania in hope of finding Connecticut killer Peter Manfredonia — Your Content has exclusively learned.

    “Manfredonia crossed multiple state lines and is suspected of killing at least two people,” a source close to the investigation told Your Content.

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    “This man attended school with Adam Lanza,” the source continued. “He is very capable of killing again.”

    FBI Joins Massive Manhunt for Killer Peter Manfredonia, Neighbor of Sandy Hook Shooter
    📸: Connecticut State Police / Your Content

    Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 first-graders and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, on December 14, 2012, before shooting himself.

    Neighbors in the small community of Newtown, Connecticut spoke to Your Content exclusively — revealing never-before-known facts about the deranged 23-year-old.

    “He was one of my uncles high school students,” a Newtown resident told Your Content under the condition of anonymity until the killer is caught.

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    “The kid grew up neighbors with Adam Lanza.”

    The local added: “He idolized Adam Lanza and was likely schizophrenic. Victim bled to death after being cut up. One sick dude. If school was in session it might have really been tragic.”

    VIDEO of Dorm Belonging to Killer Peter Manfredonia Reveals Evil Intent: Last Seen in PA
    📸: Your Content/Original Media Group Corporation

    According to sources close to the investigation, several students claim to have previously reported him for threats and mental issues to both campus and state police.

    “He had all the mental health help he needed in Newtown after Sandy Hook, how does this still happen? What is the answer?”

    “I pray this ends soon but it is already a tragedy on so many levels.”

    Manfredonia is a 2015 graduate of Newtown High School and a senior at the University of Connecticut majoring in finance and mechanical engineering, the Connecticut Post reported. Police describe him as a 6-foot-3 white man who should be considered armed and dangerous.

    What’s more, two law enforcement sources tell Your Content Manfredonia ditched a hostage by the boarder before continuing on his journey.

    “He was spotted last evening near the East Stroudsburg Walmart after abandoning a vehicle and hostage at the NJ/PA border.”

    “This morning, heavy police presence is currently going on less than a mile from there, so hoping this will resolve shortly.”

    The search extended into New Jersey and Pennsylvania over the weekend after a vehicle connected to 23-year-old Peter Manfredonia was found near the border.

    Your Content previously reported the deranged 23-year-old killed an elderly man and an acquaintance before fleeing towards Pennsylvania.

    Sunday afternoon, 69 News received a tip that the suspect got into an Uber vehicle in the Stroudsburg area and asked to be taken to Allentown, but he reportedly got out of the car and ran off.

    Allentown police said they are still working to confirm whether the tip is accurate.

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