Saturday, October 31, 2020
Saturday, October 31, 2020

Outraged Mom Interrupts Bride’s Vows, Threatens to Have Guests Jailed for Saying Son’s Flawed

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AN outrageous moment a mother-in-law interrupted the bride’s personalized vows to claim that her son had ‘no flaws’ before threatening to have guests arrested, a video that surfaced on social media reveals.

Sarah Ragsdale, from San Jose, California, posted the unbelievable moment that took place during her sister Anna’s wedding to husband John Larrabee on TikTok.

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She captioned the video: “My sisters wedding a few years ago. Her MIL has always hated her. She’s just ones of those MIL’s that feels my sister is taking her son away.”

In a second video Sarah, a mother-of-two, added: “Her MIL sat there as they finished their ceremony. Went outside and waited until they went outside to take their wedding pics just to start s*** again.”

In the footage the bride, Anna Larrabee, 29, is seen exchanging vows that she has written with her husband John, but just seconds after completing her heartfelt vows her mother-in-law shouts aggressively up to the altar.

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John’s mother, Judy, can be heard criticizing the content of the vows, declaring that her son has no ‘flaws.’

The mother-in-law heckles: “You’re not going to say my son has flaws!”

To which the bride responds: “You can leave. You’re not going to ruin my wedding.”

Then aggressively waving her finger at the bride the mother-in-law shouts: “No, that dress you’re wearing we paid for.”

As gasps can be heard from the other guests she continues: “You are not going to say my son has flaws.”

The bride responds: “Everybody has flaws and that’s why I love him. You can leave, Judy. You can get out of my wedding now.”

Getting out of her seat the mother-of-the-groom refuses to leave and repeats that she has a right to be there as she bought the bride’s wedding dress.’

When a member of the congregation, believed to be a co-worker of the bride, approaches the woman to calm her she warns that she will have them arrested.

Someone can be heard shouting ‘Tony get her out of here, this is not right.’

The groom, who is stuck in the middle of the showdown, turns away from his mother staring at the ground.

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