Sunday, November 27, 2022
Sunday, November 27, 2022

    Delco Animal Control Patrols Streets for Spike in Rat Infestation After Trash Collection Stopped

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    Residents in Delaware County being told rodents are descending on the town as garbage collection has been closed due to coronavirus, Your Content can report.

    Officials in Upper Darby sent their Animal Control van to patrol the neighborhoods to ‘bait for rats.’

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    “No trash truck on my street yet but this guy came by [and] said he was sent by his boss to bait for rats … ‘just in case,’” infuriated resident Jennifer O’Gara wrote on Facebook.

    She said the man advised her on how to prevent the rat infestation, noting the primary way’ to go about it is taking their food.

    “[He] proceeded to tell me that the primary way to prevent rats is to take away their food source. Really?!? I’d love nothing more than to take away their food source.

    “Unfortunately, this administration can’t get their act together to get our garbage off the streets!”

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    As Your Content readers know, the township’s new mayor ordered a two week quarantine for their entire sanitation division over coronavirus concerns following a potential outbreak.

    Upper Darby, which borders the city of Philadelphia, announced the quarantine on Aug. 6.

    The township made progress since the initial quarantine and dispatched trash trucks for at least one collection in the past two weeks.

    “This is the most absurd strategy. why send a rat catcher?” Freddy Panes wrote.

    “Why not send a real truck to take the trash away?”

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